When the portal of birth is opening and all of nature conspires around it, it looks like this..

This photo was taken in Bayacas, Andalusia (Spain) on the 6th of December 2020, when me and my midwife friend and sister @worldwidemidwife who took me under her wings were called in for a birth. The clouds were doing epic things up there, telling us its really happening.. with fire woods and branches we arrived to the casita. Making sure the not so isolated Andalusian home is a cozy warm nest to give birth in. A big thermos of passion flower tea in my bag that was supposed to help me have a nap in between labour visits, actually ended up bringing a great atmosphere to the birth. Halfly dreamy and relaxing.

Today, on 3 Kawok in the Mayan calendar I was looking at this photo again. Kawok is the energy of birth and of the midwifes. It also represents the storm and the rains. Now in this picture I see it coming together. It is the portal that opens to bring forth new life and the forces of nature tha t help move this through. The rains, the storms, that clear the way through. Kawok has the beautiful gift that helps one become One with nature, to feel the thunders running through your bones and bring healing.

I am so grateful for this quality. The soft yet strong guidance of nature itself to give birth to life, in whichever form it is. And yes.. nature becomes extra alive around birth.. or is it the portal that’s opening that simply makes us more present and aware of it?

How was your Kawok Day? Was it stormy? Soo many times it actually is, either literally in the weather or in the experiences of the day. Kawok is never silent.

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About our perception of time and “running out of time”
– inspired by last night’s dream
5 Q’anil // 22 January 2020

Every morning, when waking up, I try to remain in the in-between-dream states for all long as required to remember my dreams. Sometimes, they are more like emotional clutter resolvers. Other times, there are some hidden messages in them. Like this time. At this moment, one thing that is inspiring my mind a lot, is the online DreamTemple, to be opened in a few days on 8 B’atz. I see that linger on in my dreams. They give me hidden messages and details of how it wants to be put together. Very useful, that’s why I prefer not to be woken up by an alarm, and take my time to wake naturally. One thing that I discovered for myself, is when a part of a dream or some words are remembered very clearly, that there is a message in it.

In this dream, there was a person who told me “I don’t have time for that”, and then ran away being busy. Showing me the point. Especially when we are talking about the “natural rhytmn of time”. The calendar that is ruling these days, the Gregorian calendar, is a calendar that is made “to fit in”. The leap years (“schrikkeljaren” in Dutch) are an example of that this calendar is mechanically adjusted. It is not fully following the cycles of nature. That’s why when following this way of looking at time for the greatest parts of our lives, one is more likely or easily out of the natural cycles of time. Out of their own flow. It can take more of an effort to stay in touch with our “inner nature”, to feel into our true rhytmn. That shows itself in “feeling rushed”, “running out of time”, “so much to do, so little time”, lalala. It is because we are not sýnchronized with natural time. That is why being in nature always feels so good and helps us come back again.

For women, there is the menstrual cycle that is a way of tuning into the natural cycles of the body. But for many, this cycle is not natural either anymore and influenced by hormones or disrupted by contraceptives that take us out of our connection with our natural cycles. Within the original nature tribes, the menstrual period is a time to go inwards, nourish yourself, a time for heightened intuition and dreams. Most of us are simply not in the situation to say to their boss “hey, I am on my period, my body needs to rest and go inwards”. So off course, we can feel depleted at times. Out of synch, when not fully in tune with our natural cycle.

Same goes with living by a calendar that is not following the cycles of nature. We are not synchronizing ourselves with nature’s cycles of time. When we start to recognize time as a cyclical thing, we start to recognize and honor ourselves as cyclical beings. Everything goes in cycles! The planets, our DNA, our menstruation, the seasons of nature, the growth of a plant.. even our BLOOD spirals through our veins. Stepping into cyclical time lets us spiral into the Trúe nature of our Cell-ves! So they may open, more, and more, to their essence. And so may we.

An image that came up, was a big wave. Looking at “time” in terms of waves. Riding the wave makes it feel effortless, timeless, expansive. When we are on top of a wave, we feel like it never stops. There is endless potential in that single moment. At the same time, it keeps you focused. You are fully in the moment. Have you ever surfed and recognize the feeling of riding a wave? There is nothing else that exists but thát moment. You are fully in it.

I invite you to look at time in the same way. See it like wavelengths, and each wavelength brings its own peak of momentum, focus and energy. Being on top of that wave brings you into the moment. You step into the natural flow. Things start to enfold naturally, you tune into the deeper rhytmn of nature as recognized on a deeper level within yourself. You align the cycles of nature, the cycles of “time”, with the cycles within yourself. This opens, this aligns, this brings forth the so-called “synchronicities” or being at the right moment at the right time. You are simply more and more aligning with your true nature.

This is my experience when I started living my days around the Mayan Chol Q’ij calendar. You start to ride the waves of the day, you start to recognize your own waves. More and more, you are just in flow. Things that are meant for you, start to line out for you. A Mayan elder once told me when I started learning about the Mayan cosmovision: “Those who control your time, control your mind”. I had no idea what he was talking about, but now, I guess, slowly but surely.. I am starting to get it. Take back your inner rhytmn, let your days rule by the natural cycles. I invite you to take a step into natural time and see what happens for you!

This is going to be one of the main focusses of the DreamTemple – practically applied in daily life, with regular online sharings, videos, meetings and guided dreamjourney meditations that accelerate the creative dreaming process. All guided by.. the moment itself. A platform for “dreamweavers”, letting the magic enfold… and ripple out in daily life. We open the online DreamTemple in a private facebook group this Saturday on 8 B’atz // 26th of January with an online meeting – at a time that will be announced soon. Are you interested to join, have a peak, and see if this is something for you? You are welcome to join. Afterwards you can decide. Even if you cannot make it to the exact time, I can share the recording. Just leave me a mail to liekemoras@gmail.com or leave a message to “Kawok” on facebook.

YAS! Looking forward ❤

Living in cyclical time. The more we are in tune with nature around us, the planets and the energies of the day, we can observe that all of nature goes in cycles. Just like us – as we are a part of nature. We all come to moments in our life where we seem to be going in cycles, but yet – in a bit of a different way. Spiralling up and down in growth and evolution as we learn and integrate life’s lessons along the way. The ancient Maya have done a huge job in mapping out the cyclical timelines in different calendars, one of them the Tzolkin calendar. After living with the Maya calendar for over 3 years now, I have come to see and experience the ever-deepening depth of this never-ending cyclical calendar with its teachings. It is mesmerizing. The Tzolkin calendar has helped me to come to live in harmony with the natural cycles of time. Why is this so important? For us to come back to the natural rhytm of life, recognizing the cyclical nature around and within us. When doing so, we naturally open up to the essence of our own nature and come to see the contribution of our drops into the bigger ocean.

Not without a reason the Mayan spiritual guides were also called “daykeepers” or “keepers of time”, as they knew how to move with the energies of the day. Or how they would call these energies; Nahuales. Nahuales are the spirits that are present on a certain day, coming with their specific qualities and characteristics. There are 20 different Nahuales or daysigns which change as the sun rises and the new energies of the day become alive. These 20 Nahuales form a combination with one of the 13 different tones. If the Nahuales represent the days, the tones represent the weeks. Together they form 20 times 13 = 260 different combinations and days in the Mayan Tzolkin calendar. This is equilavent to 9 months – see the link? The period it takes to create (human) life. In this way, the Tzolkin calendar helps us to walk through the different phases of the creation process, each day having its own contribution to it. Whether it’s a baby or a creative project – the principle is the same. One year in the Tzolkin calendar is equivalent to nine months and related to the creative process of life.

The Maya honor(ed) the Nahuales and gained big wisdom out of it. A wisdom that is enriched by the possibility to map out this spiral of life into a bigger timelapse. Being able to make certain predictions of what is about to happen on earth in the bigger picture. The crisis on the planet, extinction of species, earthquakes, etcetera. It has all been predicted, mapped out into this spiralling timemap; the Mayan calendar.

Now, as the Maya used to work with that, we can still use this gift that they left amongst us humanity. The Mayan priests used to abdicate their citizen’s profession and roles in the community dependent on their Mayan birthsign, their Nahual. Why? Because this says a lot about the qualities someone is born with and what one will be learning in their lifetime and what will be supportive to them in their life. I see it like a map that helps to understand the evolution of the soul’s journey in one’s life. How will we grow? What will help us grow? What gifts and characteristics are we naturally born with to move through life? Still, we can apply this information into our everyday lifes. It is a simple yet profound reminder of what we came here to do and what comes naturally to us. To see our own part within the bigger creation story of life.

The Mayan calendar helps us to swim with the currents of the river of life, rather than going against the stream. Knowing one’s Mayan sign can be a huge support for creating more ease and flow in one’s life. Beyond that, being aware every day what energies are present in the Mayan calendar can help us plan our life around this. It helps to map out where to focus our energy on a certain day, to know momentum and make the most out of it. That wisdom is still available to us. Simply by being aware of the day in the Mayan calendar. Observation is the biggest teacher. What is happening in and around you? Because thát, is the universal stream of the cosmos that is making its way through you and your day. Cycling up, day by day. You have exactly 260 days to study all the different combinations in a year’s cycle.

How did I start learning about this? In Mayan ceremonies. Around the fire with the Mayan elders. Listening to their stories, observing the fire. But mainly by following the Mayan calendar for at least two years now, day by day. Paying attention to the happenings of the day and the people I meet along the way. Being curious to learn. It all starts to make more and more sense, continuously, like the upgoing spiral of time. Do you want to get to know your Mayan astrology? In the Saq’Be sessions I will interweave this ancient wisdom – as interpreted by my own observations – to unweave a bit of your souls essence into your awareness. Moving onwards, on the Saq’Be, the path as written in the stars.