About me

Lieke is a mystic, a traveller of life and a bridger of worlds. In humble gratitude to serve others on their journey. As an inner- and outerworld traveller, she knows the curvy roads one can encounter on their journeys. Within and around. Having gathered the tools and experience to serve others, aimed to help you remember your essence and bring you closer to expressing your gifts in this world.

In the last few years, Lieke found a way to apply her natural intuitive skills and trained these further into the healing realms. With a background in BSc Medical Anthropology & Sociology, she has further trained herself in Mexico and Guatemala and certified herself in the following:

~ Reiki Usuï I & II
~ Reiki Karuna
~ Akashic Records Healing
~ Soul Realignment Practitioner©
~ Mayan abdominal massage
~ Metamorphic Massage Practitioner
~ Holistic (fullspectrum) Doula & Holistic Midwifery @ the Matrona

An important aspect of her personal journey is the Moondance; a 4-day dance ritual in Mexico where women gather to dance for the balance of the feminine essence of the earth and within themselves, to come into deep harmony in one heartbeat with the earth. Since then, there has been a big opening of her path. Always listening to the gentle whispers of dreams. That is also how the yoni eggs presented themselves to her: through the dreamworlds, wanting to be shared with more women. Connecting with Maya midwifery and the Mayan calendar helped her to crack open a big part of her soul’s essence, weaving this wisdom deep into her everyday life. Bridging worlds and traditions in an accessible way, meeting you where you are. Wanting to get to know you and your unique story. I would be so happy to meet you and see where we match in these journeys.

For any further questions, suggestions & bookings of sessions, please send me a mail and will I come back to you asap. I speak Dutch, English and Spanish.

With Love, By Lieke