Lieke’s story

Lieke is a lover of life, bridger of worlds and a mystic and mermaid at heart. In service to growth and expansion, humbled to guide others on their journey. As an inner- and outerworld traveller, she knows the curvy roads one can encounter on their journey of growth and transformation. The ecstatic heights and deep dark waters we may swim in. Having gathered the tools and experience to navigate the many different realms and be in service to the Light, aimed to help you remember your essence and encouraging you to step up and share your unique gifts with the world.

In the last few years, Lieke found a way to apply her natural intuitive skills and trained these further into the healing realms. With a background in BSc Medical Anthropology & Sociology, she spent a big part of her journey of growth in Mexico and Guatemala where she came to remember many ancient and eternal practices. Currently she is a certified practitioner of:

~ Reiki Usuï & Reiki Karuna
~ Akashic Records Healing
~ Soul Realignment Practitioner©
~ Mayan Abdominal Massage – womb healing
~ Metamorphic Massage Practitioner
~ Holistic (fullspectrum) Doula & Holistic Midwifery @ the Matrona

But most of all; real-eyes-ing the best teacher is always the one within, being in harmony with the elements around and open to the connection with Spirit. The clear calling to the Moondance brought her to Mexico. The Moondance is a 4-day ritual where hundreds of women come together in union to dance, pray & rebalance within themselves the feminine consciousness, as well as in the collective field. Harmonizing the nature within while connecting with Mother Earth and the moon through a deep purification process of fasting and traditional sweatlodges. This was when her journey fasttracked her into the direction of midwifery – while documenting the stories of the traditional midwifes from Mexico and Guatemala. The one’s who receive the teachings from direct communication with Spirit through dreams and signs in nature and all around. Helping her to see her own path – opening to the messages from the dreams that are guiding her way as she is paving her roads. Re-membering the “ancient” ways of dreaming into being.

Simultaneously – the yoni eggs presented themselves through the dreamworlds, guiding her on a healing and reconnecting journey with the womb. Diving into the never-ending spiral of deep feminine wisdom that we all have access to. A call to share this with women was loud and clear. As she connected with Maya midwifery and the Mayan calendar her soul’s essence opened and came forth more clearly. These days Lieke is bridging worlds and traditions in an accessible way, being able to change colours and meet you where you are. Wanting to get to know you and your unique story. Encouraging you to listen to your dreams & working with several practices to awaken the great source of wisdom of the feminine consciousness, amongst women ánd men. Welcoming all genders in her sessions & lifeswork as a Soul Doula, with a joyful and loving approach.

For personal questions, cups of teas, bookings of retreats, personalised events or healing sessions, please send me an email to and I will come back to you asap.

With Love – by Lieke