Lieke’s story

I am a bridger of worlds, a mystic and natural intuitive at heart, inspired by the magic of life itself. As an inner- and outerworld traveller, I know the curvy roads one can encounter on their journey of inner growth and transformation. The ecstatic highs and deeper waters we may swim in. Having gathered the tools and experience to navigate the different realms aimed to help you Remember and connect with your True Essence and the magic of life – encouraging you to step up and share your unique gifts and authentic self with the world. Cause thát – is what I found out to be the most healing tool of all – to walk your own authentic path.. and thát – becomes our own true medicine. That will unlock you from anything that held you from expressing our Soul essence and unique gifts. A beautiful road to inner and outer freedom.

In 2017, I travelled to Guatemala to learn with the Mayan elders about their healing traditions for my MSc in Medical Anthropology & Sociology. Sitting around the ceremonial fire, learning about Mayan cosmovision, meeting Mayan spiritual guides and traditional midwifes and listening to their stories and experiences. This opened me completely to a deeper aspect of myself and accelerated my growth and awakening to Life. A deep recognition of an ancient wisdom within started to reveal itself. A way of living in harmony with nature and the elements, with the cycles of time as mapped out by their Mayan calendar system, living from the heart.

A red thread throughout the story of all traditional healers and midwifes was… the calling. The calling to their work and express their gift as a shaman, a midwife and healer. This calling came through dreams, symbols in nature and through many synchronicities. When they wouldn’t listen to these signs they would get sick – as the gifts that they were born remained being unused. The unused energies starting to accumulate within their body, expressing through illness. The one and only way to cure this? To start working with your gifts. Suddenly all of this started happening to herself. The dreams, the signs, everything was pointing her into the same direction – the field of midwifery and healing work. One day, I met a Mayan midwife and shamana on the dock while waiting for a boat to the other side of Lake Atitlan. She saw me and invited me to her house – without knowing anything of my background. As soon as we arrived, she said “It is time to start your work. You have to start working with your gifts, otherwise you will get sick. We have to do a ceremony to see if indeed – midwifery and healingwork is your gift, to confirm your path and ask permission of the ancestors to start working and receive their blessings.” All of the aspects that I documented as parts of the path of the Mayan healers fell into place. It felt like a dream. Two years of documenting the stories of the traditional healers and midwifes… and then, the exact same story was happening to me. I made sense – and yet – I could not believe it. It felt like I was living a Mayan dream – and yet, life had never felt so true, full and alive. We started my initiationjourney through a series of 1:1 purification ceremonies after which my path really started to accelerate. In this same period of time, I was honored to be invited to witness the birth of a beautiful babyboy. Synchrodestiny.

It was a curvy road to walk wherein I needed the stories from the Mayan elder to recognize my own story. Their worldview asked me to drop any perceptions and conditioning that I have learned from Western society to be true and in the middle of that – find out my own truth. A path that I didn’t expect to walk upon when starting in the field as an anthropologist.

Meanwhile, I continued to finetune my teachings and intuition with different courses that assisted me on my path:

~ Reiki Usuï I/II & Reiki Karuna (2018)
~ Akashic Records Healing (2018)
~ Soul Realignment Practitioner© – online programme
~ Mayan Abdominal Wombhealing Massage – with traditional Mayan midwife Doña Dominga at Lake Atitlán, Guatemala (February 2017)
~ Spiritual Herbalism – the Seed at Guatemala, Lake Atitlán (January 2018)
~ Discovering Birth Retreat – Midwives of the Lake – a blend of traditional and professional midwifery at Lake Atitlán, Guatemala (November 2018)
~ Holistic Doula & Holistic Midwifery with Whapio Bartlet from the Matrona – San Cristobál de las Casas, Mexico (February 2019)
~ Metamorphic Massage Practitioner – Lake Atitlán, Guatemala (May 2019)

These days Lieke is bridging worlds and traditions in an accessible way, being able to change colours and meet you where you are. I would be happy to get in touch with you. For more information on any of the services or to book a session, fill in the form below.

With Love – by Lieke