Lieke's story

Lieke is a bridger of worlds, a mystic and natural intuitive at heart. As an inner- and outerworld traveller, she knows the curvy roads one can encounter on their journey of growth and transformation. The ecstatic highs and dark waters we may swim in. Having gathered the tools and experience to navigate the different realms aimed to help you remember your essence and encouraging you to step up and share your unique gifts with the world.

With a background in BSc Medical Anthropology & Sociology, Lieke entered the worlds of the Maya traditions in Mexico and Guatemala where she came to remember many ancient and eternal practices. The Mayan cosmovision opened many windows for her, something she is now passionately sharing. Currently she is a certified practitioner of:

~ Reiki Usuï & Reiki Karuna
~ Akashic Records Healing
~ Soul Realignment Practitioner©
~ Mayan Abdominal Massage – Womb healing
~ Metamorphic Massage Practitioner
~ Holistic (fullspectrum) Doula & Holistic Midwifery @ the Matrona

Partly for her Master’s degree, Lieke was documenting the stories of the traditional healers and midwifes from Mexico and Guatemala. They receive the teachings directly through dreams and from their connection with nature. This helped her to recognize her own path – as she focused more into the field of midwifery & womb work. Yoni eggs have been a powerful tool to bring a deeper connection better with the womb.

These days Lieke is bridging worlds and traditions in an accessible way, being able to change colours and meet you where you are. I would be happy to get in touch with you. For more information on any of the services or to book a session, mail to

With Love – by Lieke