Hi & Welcome

Hi & welcome..

..to this online space & cosmic womb where I share my services as a doula & birthkeeper, elemental womb wisdom guide, soul-level healing facilitator, counsellor & friend

Whether you come here looking for preconception preparation, womb healing, birth support or soul level healing.. I midwife on different levels and in different ways. I am here to support your transformation, helping you remember and connect with your essence, your gifts & your unique soul path. Assisting you to give birth to yourself, your new family, your hearts projects, dreams and visions..

As a worldbridger, I have my feet in both worlds. It has always been like that. The human world and the spirit world. The ancient shamanic Mayan traditions and the energetic lightworker practices. I share these in the way they presented them to me. Through my own experience and initiation journey I went through the past few years. It helped me remember and connect with my core and the magic of life. May it serve you in the best way and help you Remember.

I hear you thinking.. “Hey.. what are those words on the menu above? ” Well, I’ll tell you..

Kawok” is the Nahual and daysign of the midwifes in the Mayan cosmovision. Kawok is the storm that helps to clear the path. It is the birth process itself. Kawok represents the qualities of the feminine energies, the grandmothers and all women in your life. Bringing healing through their softness and strenght. With great honor to the Mayan midwifes and grandmothers – who helped me recognize my path – I use the name “Kawok” to share my womb work and doula/birthkeeping services. Always rooting my services in the ancient ways and traditions. Kawok is also “dreambearthing“, literally and figurally – as we connect with the creative powers of the womb, we may bring our dreams into life.

Saq’Be is the Nahual and Mayan daysign that represents one’s soul path. Saq’BeSoul Sessions are here to help you connect with your true essence and support you to create the path that you are most excited about. The path that is deeply satisfying at soul level, the path that will ask you to grow and expand the most, while sharing and activating the unique gifts that you are born with. In Saq’Be Soul Sessions we work at soul level to support all of this. To assist your expansion, healing and growth. Combining intuitive counselling with energetic clearingwork, lightlanguage and insights from the Mayan Cholq’ij calendar and the Akashic Records which is the etheric library of the soul’s memories. Going all the way back to the origin of who you are, to reconnect with your essence and bring back and reactivate the forgotten gifts.

I am looking forward to work with you.

With so much love,

photo by Julie Sarah Romano

Kawok by Lieke Moras © all rights reserved
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