Hi and welcome!

I am happy and honored to welcome you in this interweb place. An online space and cosmic cloud where I share my offerings as a doula along with the sessions to assist you on your journey of Life. Also a space for storytelling and worldbridging, to share bits & pieces of the dreams and lifestories of traditional midwifes, met in Mexico and Guatemala. May you enjoy and be inspired!

My offerings are focused around two topics, shared under Kawok and Saq’Be, which are expressions coming from the Mayan language – the Maya – the keepers of time who hold deep ancestral wisdom as a key to re-membrance.

~ Kawok – the Nahual and Mayan birthsign of the midwifes, the female healers and counsellors that offer their support to the community throughout the stormy aspects of life – around birth and other areas of life. Kawok clears the path for new birth to come. Under Kawok I share yoni eggs and my services as a doula. Kawok is focused around women’s work & womb healing; holding the red thread throughout all of womenhood. Kawok is also dreambirthing, literally and figurally – as we connect with the creative powers of the womb, we may bring our dreams into life.

~ Saq’Be translates to the Milkyway. It represents the path of the Soul as written in the stars; mapping out one’s destiny and fulfillment of your soul’s “mission”. Not meaning a destiny has one fixed shape – rather – it is a pathway, an open direction that is in line with who you are at soul level, inviting you to create your most inspiring life. Your route into the stars, by sharing the gifts you are born with. Saq’Be serves as an inspiration to be in service to myself and others to walk our highest and most exciting path, in resonance with who we truly are. I am passionate in guiding other’s to find out what this means for them, and offer my assistance along the way to navigate the bumps and holes we may encounter on the road. Offering (karmic) clearing & energy work when needed.

As Peia sings beautifully, “May you walk in beauty and remember your song”

I hope to walk with you somewhere along the way.

With so much love,