Hi, and welcome to this online space where I share my services as a doula along with the sessions to help you remember and connect with your Soulpath. I like to call this place “the cosmic womb”. Also a space for storytelling and bridging of stories, podcasts and birthing traditions.

My offerings are shared under Kawok and Saq’Be, which are expressions coming from the Mayan language – the Maya – who helped me re-member by sharing their ancestral wisdom keys.

~ Kawok – the Mayan sign/Nahual and spirit of the midwifes. Kawok represents the storm that helps to clear the path for New Life to come through. It holds the energies of the midwifes and female counsellors that assist the process of physical and symbolical (re)birth. Under Kawok I share my birthkeeping, doula-work and wombwork. With deep respect to the traditional Mayan midwifes who helped me to recognize my path. Kawok is also dreambirthing, literally and figurally – as we connect with the creative powers of the womb, we may bring our dreams into life. As the traditional Maya midwifes helped me to recognize my path into birthwork, sharing under the name Kawok is for me a way of honoring these wise wisdomkeepers, who are doing what they can to keep the traditional ways alive.

~ Saq’Be translates to the Milkyway. It represents the path of the Soul as written in the stars. I like to see this as a pathway, an open direction that helps us evolve at soul level, while expressing and feeling our true essence. Saq’Be is our route into the stars, by simply sharing and being who you are, with all of our gifts. Saq’Be serves as an inspiration to walk our most exciting path. I am passionate in accompanying other’s on their journey of life. In a Saq’Be session, I usually combine via intuitive counselling, Mayan calendar- & Akashic Record readings and energetic clearingwork. To be there as an accompanion on your journey, navigating the bumps and holes we may encounter along the road.

As Peia sings beautifully, “May you walk in beauty and remember your song”

I would be honored to walk with you somewhere along the way.

With so much love,

photo by Julie Sarah Romano

Kawok by Lieke Moras © all rights reserved
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