The Mayan Cholq’ij Calendar – tapping into the natural rhytmn of time and evolution

Living life in harmony with our inner rhytmns as cyclical beings. How do we do that in a society where time is being perceived as a linear process, from past to present to future? The planets, the earth, the sun, the way our very own blood streams through our veins, the way our metabolism and hormones work – it all goes in cycles. As cyclical beings we are a part of nature. The phases we go through in life – also come and go in cycles. When we add a continuum perception of time to these cycles, the symbol of the spiral appears. Like a strand of DNA. That is where we come to the topic of human evolution and the creation process itself. Time to introduce the Mayan Cholq’ij calendar into this story.

After being introduced to the Mayan Cholq’ij calendar by the Mayan elders and spiritual guides – the Ajq’ijab – during my studies in medical antrhopology and sociology, my life transformed. And I believe that the wisdom that came through via the Mayan Cholq’ij calendar had a big contribution to that. It is an access point and a key to open us to remember the ancient wisdom from within. I started living with this calendar day-by-day for more than three years by now and experienced how the Nahuales/energies of the day became alive to me. I started to see and experience the natural rhytmn of time, one that is recognized at a soul level. One that is inscribed into our very DNA. It helped me to step into the spiral of evolution and inner growth. As we step into this natural rhytmn, we allow ourselves to let the energies of the day/the Nahuales work with us and through us. We step into a natural flow. We step into a natural rhythm of soul growth that can be applied to any projects, dreams or simply – to ourselves. As we recognize the cyclical nature around and thus within us, we naturally open up to the essence of our own nature. We come to see which waves we ride in the bigger ocean of life.

Not without a reason the Mayan spiritual guides were also called “daykeepers” or “keepers of time”, as they knew how to move with the energies of the day. Or how they would call these energies; Nahuales. Nahuales are the spirits that are present on a certain day, coming with their specific qualities and characteristics. There are 20 different Nahuales or daysigns which change as the sun rises and the new energies of the day become alive. These 20 Nahuales form a combination with one of the 13 different tones. If the Nahuales represent the days, the tones represent the weeks. Together they form 20 times 13 = 260 different combinations and days in the Mayan Tzolkin calendar. This is equilavent to 9 months – see the link? The period it takes to create (human) life. In this way, the Cholq’ij calendar helps us to walk through the different phases of the creation process, each day having its own contribution to it. Whether it’s a baby or a creative project – the principle is the same. One year in the Cholq’ij calendar is equivalent to nine months and related to the creative process of life. It helps us to go through all the different combinations for a full creation cycle of growth and evolution to be completed.

Now, as the Maya used to work with that, we can still use this gift that they left amongst us humanity. The Mayan priests used to abdicate their citizen’s profession and roles in the community dependent on their Mayan birthsign, their Nahual. Why? Because this says a lot about the qualities someone is born with and what one will be learning in their lifetime and what will be supportive to them in their life. I see it like a map that helps to understand the evolution of the soul’s journey in one’s life. How will we grow? What will help us grow? What gifts and characteristics are we naturally born with to move through life? Still, we can apply this information into our everyday lifes. It is a simple yet profound reminder of what we came here to do and what comes naturally to us. To see our own part within the bigger creation story of life.

The Mayan calendar helps us to swim with the currents of the river of life, rather than going against the stream. Knowing one’s Mayan sign can be a huge support for creating more ease and flow in one’s life. Beyond that, being aware every day what energies are present in the Mayan calendar can help us plan our life around this. It helps to map out where to focus our energy on a certain day, to know momentum and make the most out of it. That wisdom is still available to us. Simply by being aware of the day in the Mayan calendar. Observation is the biggest teacher. What is happening in and around you? Because thát, is the universal stream of the cosmos that is making its way through you and your day. Cycling up, day by day. You have exactly 260 days to study all the different combinations in a year’s cycle.

How did I start learning about this? In Mayan ceremonies. Around the fire with the Mayan elders. Listening to their stories, observing the fire. But mainly by following the Mayan calendar for at least two years now, day by day. Paying attention to the happenings of the day and the people I meet along the way. Being curious to learn. It all starts to make more and more sense, continuously, like the upgoing spiral of time. Do you want to get to know your Mayan astrology? In the Saq’Be sessions I will interweave this ancient wisdom – as interpreted by my own observations – to unweave a bit of your souls essence into your awareness. Moving onwards, on the Saq’Be, the path as written in the stars. Do you want to know your personal contribution in the bigger picture of the creation story? Get in touch with me for a session.

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