Life in the womb, how we all began🧜🏼‍♀️🧜🏼‍♂️

Here, 10 weeks of swimming in the waters of the mothers womb

Floating in between worlds, in a deep dreamstate reality

Around this time the brain starts to develop more and more

The first gland that comes online is the pituitary gland – our so called third eye or the master gland

Responsible for hormonal regulation which are bringing the baby – ánd mother – deeper and deeper into the dreamstate reality during pregnancy

So baby and mother can meet each other in this space as the veils between realities and dimensions are thinning and thinning

All the way leading up to birth

When the mother is invited to pass through this veil and bring her baby down to this earthly reality

The brainwaves become slower and slower during pregnancy and birth, slowly bringing the mother into a different reality or altered state of consciousness

Epiphanies and deep realizations are easier accessed at this time

Out of the thinking brain. Deeper and deeper into the feeling as the extra senses are getting sharper and sharper. To access that birthing instinct

From where she can access her deep inner wisdom to bring her baby down

The biology of pregnancy and birth is fascinating

All of this is caused by the hormones flushing the mothers body, supporting this Incredible journey of human evolution

I am so grateful again and again to be invited into the space of birth

The true biology of birth is just mesmerizing

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About our perception of time and “running out of time”
– inspired by last night’s dream
5 Q’anil // 22 January 2020

Every morning, when waking up, I try to remain in the in-between-dream states for all long as required to remember my dreams. Sometimes, they are more like emotional clutter resolvers. Other times, there are some hidden messages in them. Like this time. At this moment, one thing that is inspiring my mind a lot, is the online DreamTemple, to be opened in a few days on 8 B’atz. I see that linger on in my dreams. They give me hidden messages and details of how it wants to be put together. Very useful, that’s why I prefer not to be woken up by an alarm, and take my time to wake naturally. One thing that I discovered for myself, is when a part of a dream or some words are remembered very clearly, that there is a message in it.

In this dream, there was a person who told me “I don’t have time for that”, and then ran away being busy. Showing me the point. Especially when we are talking about the “natural rhytmn of time”. The calendar that is ruling these days, the Gregorian calendar, is a calendar that is made “to fit in”. The leap years (“schrikkeljaren” in Dutch) are an example of that this calendar is mechanically adjusted. It is not fully following the cycles of nature. That’s why when following this way of looking at time for the greatest parts of our lives, one is more likely or easily out of the natural cycles of time. Out of their own flow. It can take more of an effort to stay in touch with our “inner nature”, to feel into our true rhytmn. That shows itself in “feeling rushed”, “running out of time”, “so much to do, so little time”, lalala. It is because we are not sýnchronized with natural time. That is why being in nature always feels so good and helps us come back again.

For women, there is the menstrual cycle that is a way of tuning into the natural cycles of the body. But for many, this cycle is not natural either anymore and influenced by hormones or disrupted by contraceptives that take us out of our connection with our natural cycles. Within the original nature tribes, the menstrual period is a time to go inwards, nourish yourself, a time for heightened intuition and dreams. Most of us are simply not in the situation to say to their boss “hey, I am on my period, my body needs to rest and go inwards”. So off course, we can feel depleted at times. Out of synch, when not fully in tune with our natural cycle.

Same goes with living by a calendar that is not following the cycles of nature. We are not synchronizing ourselves with nature’s cycles of time. When we start to recognize time as a cyclical thing, we start to recognize and honor ourselves as cyclical beings. Everything goes in cycles! The planets, our DNA, our menstruation, the seasons of nature, the growth of a plant.. even our BLOOD spirals through our veins. Stepping into cyclical time lets us spiral into the Trúe nature of our Cell-ves! So they may open, more, and more, to their essence. And so may we.

An image that came up, was a big wave. Looking at “time” in terms of waves. Riding the wave makes it feel effortless, timeless, expansive. When we are on top of a wave, we feel like it never stops. There is endless potential in that single moment. At the same time, it keeps you focused. You are fully in the moment. Have you ever surfed and recognize the feeling of riding a wave? There is nothing else that exists but thát moment. You are fully in it.

I invite you to look at time in the same way. See it like wavelengths, and each wavelength brings its own peak of momentum, focus and energy. Being on top of that wave brings you into the moment. You step into the natural flow. Things start to enfold naturally, you tune into the deeper rhytmn of nature as recognized on a deeper level within yourself. You align the cycles of nature, the cycles of “time”, with the cycles within yourself. This opens, this aligns, this brings forth the so-called “synchronicities” or being at the right moment at the right time. You are simply more and more aligning with your true nature.

This is my experience when I started living my days around the Mayan Chol Q’ij calendar. You start to ride the waves of the day, you start to recognize your own waves. More and more, you are just in flow. Things that are meant for you, start to line out for you. A Mayan elder once told me when I started learning about the Mayan cosmovision: “Those who control your time, control your mind”. I had no idea what he was talking about, but now, I guess, slowly but surely.. I am starting to get it. Take back your inner rhytmn, let your days rule by the natural cycles. I invite you to take a step into natural time and see what happens for you!

This is going to be one of the main focusses of the DreamTemple – practically applied in daily life, with regular online sharings, videos, meetings and guided dreamjourney meditations that accelerate the creative dreaming process. All guided by.. the moment itself. A platform for “dreamweavers”, letting the magic enfold… and ripple out in daily life. We open the online DreamTemple in a private facebook group this Saturday on 8 B’atz // 26th of January with an online meeting – at a time that will be announced soon. Are you interested to join, have a peak, and see if this is something for you? You are welcome to join. Afterwards you can decide. Even if you cannot make it to the exact time, I can share the recording. Just leave me a mail to or leave a message to “Kawok” on facebook.

YAS! Looking forward ❤