Dreambirthing Soultraject

A 1:1 personalized journey and soultraject guided by the cycles of the Mayan Cholq’ij calendar. The Dreambirthing Soultraject is designed for you to come into full alignment with your True self and your Soul aspect. As we journey with the natural cycles of time and work with the different Nahuales of the Mayan calendar that serve as guides during the day, we focus on the Dream that is alive for you or that which wants to come THROUGH you. This is a 13 or 20-day traject to step into your natural rhythm, into your inner soul space to accelerate self-development and growth within and thus around. A 13 or 20-day journey to invite the Mayan energies into your day, to get to know your personal relationship with these living energies and see how they weave you into a natural spiral of inner alignment and growth. A beautiful tool for those on the path of spirituality and self-growth and for those who believe that Life is to be lived as a ceremony. As that is what the Sacred Calendar helps you to step into – into the sacred dimension of time, that is felt when in meditation, in ceremony and in deep flow- and creation state. May this serve as a guidance to step into this spiral of inner growth and apply this to any of the projects and dreams that you wish to bring into the world.

How does this journey look like?
~ Saq’Be Session at day 1 (Mayan astrology & Akashic Records Soul Reading – see https://withlovebylieke.com/about-saqbe-2/)
~ Personalized daily transmissions/guided meditations sent to you via whatsapp or mail for either 13 or 20 days in a row
~ Guidance for integration and reflection of the journey
~ 3 month access to the DreamTemple Journeys via Zoom and private Instagram group
~ Background information on the Mayan cosmovision

What is the investment?
~ 13-day journey: donation based starting at a minimum of 222 euro
~ 20-day journey: donation based starting at a minimum of 333 euro

How do we go from here?
~ You could choose to first book a Saq’Be Session with me to get introduced to my work and see if there is a match and desire to journey deeper. A plain Saq’Be Session is donation based at a minimum rate of 55 euro. Afterwards, you are welcome to continue to work with me
~ For further questions, fill in the form below or send me a whatsapp message via the button below for quickest response