Pregnant of what? Not of a baby. Not of a foodbaby either. I am pregnant of ideas. I am pregnant of stories. I am pregnant of inspiration. I am so fully pregnant that I am almost exploding, almost bursting. My waters are about to break, my emotions are running wild as I open the plug and let it all out. This inspiration.

Where do I start? Where do I begin? Why have I been holding all of this in for such a long time? Well, I guess it all has its time. It takes time to grow a baby too. It takes time to grow an idea, I guess, and knowing when it is fully ready to be birthed to this earth. But wow, it is a lot. It is a lot that wants to come through. I remind myself of Kawok – the stormy energy that represents the birthing process. It is everywhere and yet nowhere, but it helps to flush through the obstacles. I am flushing through my own obstactles right now.

Does a mother ask herself, when she is about to birth a baby, where do I start? No. I don’t think so. She just starts. Or rather, she just gives into the urges of the natural contractions to help her baby find her way out. Dropping the resistance. In a way it should be natural, it should be effortless. That doesn’t say that there is no pain. But it is the instinctual impulse a woman follows during birth. No thinking, it is just happening.

Bringing this back to my own feelings, now I can relate again. Just write. Just let it out. Just start, and listen to what comes natural. Whether it is foot first or arm first, in the end, the whole baby will make its way out. Your creation will find its way out of you too, Lieke. Remember. It does not matter in which way, too much. It will be your way, it will be exactly perfect as it is for you. And so for the rest too.

But yes, I am birthing. The stories, the ideas, the inspiration. It has been marinating enough now. It has been fully nourished, nurtured and grown into ripeness and readyness to be shared with the world. Maybe I am a little overdue. But hey, that is still fine. I choose for this. And with this story, I let you know that more is about to come. I just didn’t know where to start. Now I remember. It is time to unplug the plug and let the waterflow of inspiration go. This is where we unlock our own energy. This is how we unlock ourselves. This is how we allow ourselves to create from the joy of creating. This is how we unlock the inspiration within ourselves. You just have to start, and from that, it will guide it’s own way. Into it’s own creationstory. Whether it be a baby, a project an idea. It all comes from the same source of creation. As women, holding this powerful womb. The womb, from which we create. The womb, holding all of our creative power. The womb, being a condensed experience of the cosmos.

I am birthing.