Intergenerational healing..

How does that look like? When you release yourself from intergenerationally passed wounds/patterns/trauma and sometimes physical diseases that run through the familyline, your family benefits with you in some way or another. But mostly, you clear the space for yourself and the next ones to come.

You can say it’s spiritual bullshit, but it’s actually simply epigenetics. Science is catching up with this and it’s fascinating. We can actually shift-off genetic codes within our DNA as we go through a healing process. So a certain unhealthy expression or pattern as a result from past trauma doesn’t express itself in our bodies and is simply not being reproduced anylonger. We wont pass it on to the next generations.

For this, we dont need our whole family to do this work along with us. But when mother and daughter dó come together to do the work… It’s another level.

Last weekend, a sistar asked me to host a mother-daughter womb healing session for her Mayan birthday. I had this knowing that it should include a combined Mayan astrology reading to see into the relationship between her and her mother. To see why they choose one another, to see their path together. Things were clicking and falling into place.

Honoring and thanking the womb of her mother for nourishing and carrying her. Setting free the womb of her daughter for a clear space for a possible baby to land into. I was só touched and moved to my core. With deep gratitude for the Trust they held for letting me hold that space for them. Something I had never done before in that way.. but as I have always gone on my path – I keep going with what I am asked to do and show up for.

Coming back to the very beginning. The placenta, as the nourishing source of liquid love and connection between mother and daughter. Where the first lifelong letting go happened for the mother of their physical connection. For the child, this nourishing love and connection is now to be found within themselves.

Grateful for this path. Grateful for the enfolding. Learning and learning, always in all ways.


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