“The uterus is the womb of humanity. All human beings pass through this organ. This is where healing starts. This is where new life starts.” ~ Suelhi Carvalho, traditional midwife from Colombia

DATES (2021)
Fridays online via Zoom from 19:00~20:30 pm CET
29th of January // 1 Imox (opening ceremony)
5th of February // 8 Q’anil
12th of February // 2 Tz’ikin
19th of February // 9 I’q
26th of February // 3 Toj
5th of March // 10 Ajmak
12th of March // 4 Akabal (closing ceremony)

The womb is the center of our creativity and carries its own unique consciousness that is left unexplored by many women in modernday society. When women are rooted in their wombs, they are rooted in the connection to their own creative (re)source and spiritual essence.As we start connecting with the womb and diving in this mysterious organ, we may encounter many different sensations, emotions, feelings, imprints or ideas that may have been placed upon us, or that come from past experiences in our life. Either from society, from our family lineage and even way beyond. Think of the history of the suppresion of the feminine as a whole.. somewhere, we carry those stories with us through the womb. But we can de-program, unveil, shed and rewrite many of those stories and past experiences through the portal of the womb. A part of which we will go into during the Womb Essence Journey. An exploration of the True essence of the Womb, as we go past all that lives within that space.

A 7-week journey to come back to the essence of your womb. A deep purification of your inner waters. An un-weaving of the womb stories that are held within your body, to align and root into the womb essence, the creative lifeforce energy, that is truly Yours. A deep exploration of the womb and the consciousness that lives within that space as a key to unlock the feminine consciousness and intuition. Are you ready?

✨Womb cosmology & exploration through embodiment practices
✨Womb elemental principles
✨7x guided shamanic womb journeys & womb activations sessions with the group (on Fridays 19pm CET via Zoom, about 1,5 hour – optional to join live)
✨Recordings of the 7 online group journeys
✨1:1 Womb Code Healing (womb counselling/clearingwork/lightlanguage/personalized journey) (1 hr via Zoom – read more via https://withlovebylieke.com/11-deep-dive-womb-sessions/ )
✨ Guidance into self-healing womb rituals and ceremonial practices
✨ Online container to share and connect during the 7 weeks
✨ Moving with the Mayan Cholq’ij calendar – as a foundation to give rhytmn to our ceremonial practices and journeys

We will come together with an intimate group of max 7 women. Women throughout all cycles of their live, who…

…wish to connect deeper with the qualities of their womb and their feminine essence…
… wish to explore and re-write their womb stories…
… wish to root deeper into their bodies via the womb as a way of embodied feminine spirituality…
… wish to activate their creativity and learn how to access this via the womb …
… are preparing themselves for conception…
… are in their early/mid stages of pregnancy and wish to be guided into a deepening and healing connection with their womb…
… have gone through (spontaneous or induced) abortion or ‘mis’carriage…
… feel a desire to come back to a more natural, slowerpaced rhythm, the cyclical rhytmn of nature and of the womb..
… have irregular or painful menstruation or other irregularities in the womb and sexual organs…
… wish to experience a beautiful healing journey into the womb and deepen their connection with their feminine essence.

In short.. all of you are very welcome and all of you is welcome in this journey. If you have any doubts or questions, please reach out to me and I will be happy to come back to you. This concept has been carefully put together after observing the main “womb issues” and cases in the sessionwork and readings that I offer, in combination with insights from my personal journey into this cyclical spiralpath of the womb and the feminine consciousness that lives within. I am looking forward to share this offering and bridge the physical, emotional, energetic and spiritual key aspects that I have come across in the area of womb work and healing.

Option 1 ✨ ☥ Until 24/01 – normal price: 155 euro
Option 2 ✨ ☥ Until 24/01 – without 1:1 session: 122 euro
Option 3 ✨ ☥ After 24/01 – normal ticket: 177 euro
Option 4 ✨ ☥ After 24/01 – without 1:1 session: 144 euro

I am open to offer payment plans, if you want to join and if this option helps you. Just message me and ask for it.
To confirm your participation in the Womb Essence Journey, please mail to liekemoras@gmail.com or fill in the form below at the bottom of this page and let me know with which of the 4 options you wish to join.

With Love,



“What you have created in this journey you took us on, is so transformational. It’s so held, it’s so safe, it’s so supported, it’s so deep. You’re so connected and I bow to you so much. I am so grateful that we met and was just initiated into stepping deeper into this work and knowing that really the way of moving into this world is being into connection with the womb and knowing that all of the answers come from that place. I feel like youre holding my hand guiding me into deeper relationship with how to hear, how to listen, how to feel. And I thankyou for that. Thankyou for your guidance, and your tools and your ability to channel source and our guides so openly in a way that is so direct. “
~ Womb Essence Journey, K.

“The Womb Essence Journey was the first real encounter with my womb. It was the first time I consciously felt her, visited her and travelled within her. At times, it was scary and overwhelming, because of all that was there, asking to be felt. But Lieke made it safe and easy to surrender little by little to this process. I felt guided in every step by her loving presence, her warm acceptance of all that surfaced, her own honest sharing. For me, it was the beginning of a joyful, healing journey towards my own power and presence. Thankyou for this deep offering of love and wisdom, Lieke.”
~Womb Essence Journey, A.

“The womb meditation that you shared was so powerful for me and put me deeply in touch with my own power and creativity. Thankyou for your beautiful work”.
~ Womb Essence Journey, A.

“My reason to join the womb essence journey was to build a stronger connection with my feminine energy. Earlier this year, I realized for the first time that I’m a woman. This may sound strange, as I live in my body every day, but I associated mainly with male values. This journey really helped me to connect on a deeper level with my femininity so that I can now say I am both a powerful and soft woman. The space Lieke held for our group to connect, share and heal was amazing. I felt held and encouraged to dive deeper. The weekly inner journeys were very powerful, and Lieke’s voice and drum really enchanted me. We laughed, cried, and were just silent together; truly beautiful. I am forever grateful.”
~ Womb Essence Journey, M.

“I feel really grounded right now. Really in my body. I could feel the work on my womb, the openings, releases and activations. I could feel the facia in my womb, the loosening of the bind and the cords. It was so incredible. The language that you were speaking, it was as if I was remembering. The frequencies were resonating in such a strong way. It was so beautiful. I dropped into such a deep space and all I could think of was “everybody needs to experience this session with you”. It’s such powerful work.
~ 1:1 Womb Session, K.

“It felt very safe to do the womb work with you, because you do it from a pure place. Thankyou for being who you are. This session was the most intense healing session I’ve had ever. Energetically what has been done was a proper surgery”.
~ 1:1 Deep Dive Womb Session, L.

“I felt such an enormously powerful essence with me, the essence of my femininity. For the first time in my life I felt só much power and light in my womb. I had no idea that this could feel like that. I always thought that I did not have a connection with my womb. It felt so powerful, so pure, as part of the essence of who I am. Of where I came from.”
~ Guided Womb Journey, T.



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Womb Essence Journey

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