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Podcast #3 ~ Adriana’s birthstory
Recorded on the 16th of December 2020 via Zoom, on the day of 9 Noj – feminine wisdom – in the Mayan Cholq’ij calendar.
My friend Adriana gave birth to her son Leo at the shores of Lake Atitlán, Guatemala, on July 19th 2018 at 3:45am. She birthed at home in the bathtub after about 4/5 hours of active labour. May you be inspired by her story and view on natural birth and how she went about to create the birthing experience that she wanted for herself and her son – to be able to tap into her animal self and give birth in that state. She perceives birth as a natural part of life and shares her birthstory as a rather shamanic journey with some orgasmic experiences to it.

~ 2:00 min: introduction of Adriana and some of her background story
~ 6:40 min: “in my mind there is nothing else that needs to be added to the formula other than just a peaceful state and a mother that can connect to her body and to her animal self”
~ 14:14 min: “I thought it was so important to talk about how the birth works and not about everything that can go wrong in a birth. Talking about everything that can go wrong in a birth definitely doesn’t help the mindset of a pregnant woman who is about to give birth, you know.
~ 32:50 min: “All of a sudden the midwife doors were closing and at the same time I was getting a lot of confidence in doing a freebirth” (birthing in absence of a midwife)
~ 35:25 min: the start of labour
~ 49:40 min: “So it’s funny to see how the brain tries to hijack you for a minute and wants to know information, and then as soon as you are able to let that go and get back into the journey all of that doesn’t matter anymore.”
~ 1:00:00 min: about the crowning of the head “When you are in total climax of a clitoris orgasm, that kindoff feeling was what I was feeling as I was touching his head. I was feeling all this arousal coming up and that was totally enhancing this orgasmic experience. I really didn’t feel the “ring of fire” sensation. I didn’t get that feeling. I think it’s because I was feeling the orgasmic sensations in the moment when the head came out and it stretched all the way out.
~ 1:09:33 min: the moments right after birth. “That moment I wrote in the birthplan that I wanted to be left alone, because I wanted to see what came up in me and was my most animalistic to do in that moment and I wanted to feel comfortable to go ahead and play it out.”
~ 1:21:40 min: the birth of the placenta

* The end of the recording is a bit abrupt as the memory of the recorder device was full, though, as Adriana shared “in perfect full cycle”

Podcast #2 ~ traditional midwife & medicine woman Fabienne from France.
Recorded on the 29th of September 2020 and 9 Kawok – the day of the midwives
~ shamanic and traditional midwifery perspectives and inner/outer nature connection
~ the importance to connect with the spirit of the baby & the role of the midwife in this
~ consciousness and pregnancy/birth
~ working with purification and rituals as a preparation for pregnancy and birth
~ healing from abortion – a shamanic and soulful perspective
~ womb cosmology
“It’s in the simplicity that we will find the way.”

Podcast #1 with traditional midwife & medicine woman Fabienne from France.
Recorded in Bugarach, the 29th of March 2020
A precious conversation and rather personal story and meeting, wherein we talk about different topics:
~ traditional midwifery, pregnancy rituals & natural birth preparation
~ the integration of the soul into the body
and more topics that are relevant to this period of time of New Bearthing. May you be inspired, feel free to share amongst those who might need to hear this.

Podcast #2