So much in our society is based upon the more masculine principles of life – the linear movement from one place to another. Improving ourselves. Climbing the ladder. Becoming more succesfull. Doing more. Moving faster. Going up in consciousness, reaching for the symbolical heavens… Feelings of lightness preferred over heaviness. Feeling high preferred over feeling low. It’s imbedded in our language. The anti-gravitational pull is taking us outside of our bodies, up and up. Out of the hearts, into the heads and above. In the spiritual scene, we come across all these different practices that help us go up more.. that make us fly.. outside of our body so we may become… enlightened?

Well.. I will tell you, I spent a big part of my life outside of my body, as a child already. Being very at home in the dreamspace. My personal spiritual journey, was a journey of getting more into my roots, into my body. Integrating my high-flying spiritual self into my physical experience – here, on earth. Uffff.. Scary. Is it safe to be here? Diving into myself. Activating my descending – rather than ascending – energetic pathways within the body. Dropping in. What was it that made the difference for me?

Womb work. This is what womb work is – amongst others – all about. To integrate all of our experiences and aspects of ourselves fully into our body. It’s easy to go up and detach from our bodily feelings and emotions. But what if we dive all the way in? Into the core and the roots of our being? Into the core of our feminine essence? Into the roots of where we all come from – the womb. Diving into the womb is diving into the depths of your existence. Uncovering yourself from the mud and all the way up. It’s one thing to have a so-called “spiritual awakening”, but another thing is.. to fully integrate all of those insights into your body. And live your truth. Move from your core and yet – feeling completely connected to all of life. From a solid foundation and womb-earth connection.

The womb is one of those never-ending spiralling gateways. Where the feminine and the masculine principle unite. The feminine – which opens the doors into the present state of timelessness, blissful states and the natural cycles of life. The masculine – which brings us in a more linear perspective of time. Moving from the one to the other. Focused upon growing and evolving. When we combine both together, we add a sense of time and continuation to the feminine cycles, and the cycle becomes a spiral. Which can bring us into endless depths of exploration. From the womb, spiralling deep into the core of the earth. Instead of the ascending pathway that urges us to reach up for the heavens, let’s take the descending pathway which brings us in confrontation with some of our deepest rootest fears and emotions related to the first two chakra’s: those of security and creativity. Unlayering, one twist and twirl on the spiral at the time. This is the key to bringing the symbolical heaven onto earth. To fully integrate both.

The journey of being born is one of descending deeply into our bodies, onto earth, which can actually take a lifetime for some. Which isn’t that weird, because many of us have learned throughout our lifes that actually, it hasn’t always been a safe space to be in our body. So we learn to disintegrate ourselves from our bodies after physical or emotionally traumatic experiences. Which actually, starts right at birth for some. But as we dive into the womb, we start to integrate some of those experiences. We open up the suppressed, bit by bit, so we become fully alive again. In our bodies, on the earth.

Are you ready to dive in?