I invite you.. to activate your womb eye. The center of your intuitive knowing. The womb, which is neurologically connected to our limbic system and – the cerebellum, the back of our brain. Scientific research shows that the cerebellum is the place in our brain where our deepest emotions and primal instintual reactions are processed, from where we then create a certain response. The cerebellum is also known as “the bridge to spirit”, where our deeper laying soul memories are stored and captured.. see where I’m going?

When we start to connect with and clear our womb space, we also work with our limbic brain system and cerebellum. We get to work on our most primal and deepest imprinted emotions and the way we respond to certain situations. At the same time.. our spiritual antennes are sharpened and deeper Soul level healing takes place. Which get processed both – in the cerebellum. It is the place from where we Remember our Soul essence. The cerebellum, found at the back of our brain, is in connectiom with the receptors in our womb. The one informs the other. Which is the one and which the other?

Clearing the neurological receptors from within the wombspace can not only heal intergenerationally transmitted patterns, but also functions as an opening to deeper inner and outer dimensions. The womb, known as the Seat of our female spirituality. Our Soul knowing.

It’s science meeting spirituality. Rationality meeting intuition. My background in biomedical & health sciences dancing with my spiritual knowing and insights.

I felt this connection when I started my womb healing journey, which I began with the obsidian yoni egg. This powerful clearing stone helped to shed many layers. At some point, I felt the alterations happening at the back of my brain. I intuitively knew there is a connection between both centers. As I got to process some deeper layered emotions and even ancestral (soul) memories, I also felt my intuitive- and spiritual connection growing. Dreams started to get stronger and clearer. I could sense a stronger sense of my Soul-self. The portal of the womb revealing her true Biology.. including the mystical intelligence of the womb.

Women, can you relate? And what is there yet to explore? I think it’s a about time that the intuitive wisdom takes it’s place in honorable position hand in hand with scientific research. Who says that intuitive knowing is not a science on intself? What if it’s just a different way of knowing? The female brain versus the masculine brain. We need both, and luckily, we háve both. So let’s use them equally. Let’s honor them equally. There’s yet much more space to be taken in for the female brain, which resides within àll of us and speaks to us through our deepest senses. Our emotional ability and inner knowing. Sometimes, all we need to do, is tap into the innate wisdom of our bodies and the mystical intelligence of our marvelous organs. Regardless which gender we identify with.

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