Yoni eggs

” When the womb awakes, the woman awakens”.

That would be my answer to why every woman should know about yoni eggs. Starting with the word. Yoni – being the Sanskrit word for Vagina – meaning, ‘sacred place’. It is exactly that. Bringing that awareness and extra care to that sacred place we hold down there. The gateway and quite literally the opening to one’s feminine essence.

Working with yoni eggs help to keep that opening clear. To get in touch in one’s feminine essence. To bring clearing, healing and a deeper connection with yourself, your intuition, your natural flow. Literally and figurally. As the unique energies of each crystal help to purify you on different levels. Emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually. Absorbing and transforming old energies, emotions and thoughts that got crystallized in your body. The yoni eggs help to decrystallize and absorb these patterns, so we make space to get back into our natural energy flow. Introducing higher energies and loving care. Bringing in a deep and holistic care for not only the sexual organs but to one’s whole body and spirit.

Yoni eggs help to go to the rootcauses of hormonal disbalances causing dis-eases and work them out on the more subtle energetic level. Many women, including myself, have found a rebalance in their menstrual cycle. Less pain, going back to your natural flow; expressing itself physically in a regulated menstrual cycle. Apart from that, yoni eggs increase sensitivity, get you into higher energy levels, increased creativity and a new level of aliveness. It is an amazing tool to tone your pelvic floor muscles and is of great help for women after giving birth, to increase better control over their muscles and release any residual energies after birth. And then… the more the womb and yoni are tuned into yóur essence – the more we can open up and receive the wisdom that resides in our womb. A whole portal opens up. A portal which we can access by our dreamstates and intuition. DAMN. I wish every woman to finetune the receptors of her womb. That will transform.. a lot. Depending on the varying crystals and stones , each type of yoni egg has a specific focus and brings in their own qualities.

The yoni egg collection

See here the different types of yoni eggs that I have in the magic store for you. The assortiment is not limited to the ones on the pictures, and as always, each and every yoni egg is unique. It is important to me that you feel the connection with yours. I can help to tune in, if you wish so. Please reach out to find your matching yoni egg. All yoni eggs are available for wholesale as well, for special prices. If I am not in the same place as you, I ship worldwide to get them to you. The yoni eggs come in a beautiful bag and an inspirational guide sent by email. Mail me directly for questions and orders: liekemoras@gmail.com

My advice with regards to picking your yoni egg? Go with your first instinct: which type came to mind first and which did you feel most attracted to on the picture? That one will most likely bring you what you need. See below the brief descriptions about the specific properties of the yoni eggs. Feel free to contact me. I would be happy to help you find your egg – or – for the egg to find you. I am a small walking shop – so you can order directly via me.

Black obsidian – a powerful stone that aids in deep clearing work. It is a volcanic stone, combining the qualities of fire and earth. Grounding, protecting, and transforming. It absorbs negative energies, clears emotions and memories & brings light towards the darkness. A great tool to clear energies from (past) relationships and come into your center. The black obsidian is used in shamanism as a healing tool, as a mirror, that reflects ones full truth. It clears any irregularities in the sexual organs, by working on the root causes. Meanwhile, helping you to discovering the magic in the darker nights. Naturally antibacterial and antiviral.

Guatemalan certified Jade – balancing yin/yang energies, activating your creative and sexual energy, revitalizing the sexual organs, balancing hormones, regulating the menstrual cycle, strenghtening and toning the pelvic floor muscles. Releasing emotions and memories from the subconscious. Working with the medicine of the serpent – recycling and transforming lifeforce energy into inner wisdom.

Guatemalan certified Lilac Jade – a rare type of jade with an angelic energy. Lilac jade brings in a brilliant energy, stimulates deep purity, while calming and grounding you down. It helps to regulate the yin/yang energies & balances the menstrual cycle and central nervous system. It brings a bright, positive and healing light to your emotions. Helps to calm the mind and bring you into your bodily sensations.

Rose Quartz – establishing the heart-yoni connection, connecting you with unconditional (self)love, forgiveness, and joy. A beautiful crystal that connects you with your feminine energies, while gracefully helping to release stress and old emotions, bringing you back to the heart.

Clear Quartz – bringing the gift of calm and inner peace. Clear quartz is a powerful healing stone, amplifying the intentions that you are working with. Clear quartz brings clarity, it brigthens you up and clears out your sexual organs and system to bring you back into purity.

Amethyst – the dreamstone! Amethyst as a yoni egg will amplify the feminine dream consciousness that resides in the womb. It strenghtens your intuition, enhances insights, visions and connects you to the higher wisdom of your womb.

Carnelian – the stone of the womb. Carnelian – with its varying light orange to dark-red colour relates directly to the second chakra. Carnelian brings a sensation of warmth, passion, pleasure and joy. It helps you to spark the creative power within your womb and work with that from a place of joy. But watch out… it increases your fertility! Some sistars became rapidly pregnant after working with this stone as a yoni egg.

Yoni egg consultation & Womb sessions
For extra assistance along your journey of working/starting with the yoni egg, choose for a yoni egg consultation & womb session. This can be specifically useful when you want to deepen, gain insights and clear a certain topic. In these sessions I offer my guidance through intuitive counselling & clearing on specific topics that you are working with. You can choose to select this along with your yoni egg for an extra 35 euros – and “reserve” the session when you feel like it’s the moment to receive this. Contact me to schedule via liekemoras@gmail.com .

This work can be on distance via Skype or in person when possible. At the moment I am based in Tuitjenhorn, Noord-Holland. You are also most welcome to come pick your yoni egg in person. Contact me if you are nearby.

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