1:1 Deep dive womb Sessions

💧 1:1 Deep Dive Into the Womb sessions💧

The name says it all. An opportunity for deep womb healing, clearing and intuitive guidance for healing, integration and meditation practices. These sessions include intuitive womb counselling, Soul level guidance and healing (informed by the Akashic Records) and energetic womb clearing/healing on distance. A rather intuitive/shamanic type of work. Guiding you on a restorative and deepening connection with the womb – your centre of creation. Also the centre of our true soul essence. A place where we, as women, at times hold deep emotional memories, that many times we are not even aware of. However, the womb is our centre of creativity and sensuality. The clearer we get there, the deeper in touch with our True Womb frequency, the easier it gets to express and birth our unique essence into the world.

These sessions are also for women who dón’t have a physical womb anymore, who are in menopause, who had a traumatic birthing experience, miscarriage, painful menstruation, or memory to heal from past experiences or relationships, basically anything related to our most intimate parts & essence. Opening the doors to go into the réal stuff.

These are about 1 to 1,5 hour sessions wherein we work together at soul level. We meet online via Zoom – or if possible, in person. Time and space do not matter to this type of work. The amount of sessions are relative to how deep we will be able to dive into the watery (or fiery) realms of the womb. We will work with the moon cycles to strengthen the intentions.

🌚  1 session ~ donation based starting at 55 euro ~ around New Moon
🌚🌝  2 sessions ~ donation based starting at 99 euro ~ around New Moon & Full Moon
🌚🌚🌚 3 sessions ~ donation based starting at 144 euro ~ three following New Moon cycles

For interest, please fill in the form below and I will come back to you asap.