1:1 Deep dive womb Sessions

In these sessions, we open the opportunity for deep womb healing, clearing, intuitive guidance and connective womb practice. A moment dedicated to bring Light to the vast dark space of the womb. A moment for you to experience your True womb essence – the space that hosts the energies of your creativity, sensual expression and deeply anchored feminine wisdom. A place where we also hold deeply stored (ancestral and emotional) memories, of which we aren’t aware of many times, but are influencing in many ways how we move through life. The womb has its own library, the so-called “Akashic Records” – which is the space that holds all memories at soul level. These sessions are meant to clear, deeply connect and activate the cellular memories of your True womb frequency – moving beyond old stories and experiences.

The way I work

Many times, women come out after a session being surprised how good they felt, as wombwork is often seen as something that can feel daunting, a little scary and something that takes you into a more dark and unknown space. However, in my approach I center lightness and a gentle approach towards healing the relationship with our womb and all that lives within that space.

We work on distance via Zoom and connect on an energetic- and soul level, focused upon the etheric field of your womb. Guiding you through a restorative journey and deepening connection with the womb. This work is a combination of energetic distance clearing, through a type of shamanic wombwork & meditative journeying. Lightlanguage often comes through in these sessions to activate and unlock the essence of your womb frequency and help release more dense energies.

For who are these sessions?

These sessions are for all women who have or have HAD a womb. For women in all cycles of their lives. For women who wish to connect deeper with their womb, who wish to root into their feminine essence. For women who are preparing themselves to conceive and wish to invite some Light frequencies into their womb. For women who have had any traumatic experiences with regards to their womb and sexuality. For women who had a miscarriage or are healing from abortion. For women with painful or irregular menstruation. For women who want to change their womb story and way of relating with their womb. Basically, for all womben who feel called to this work. I hold this work with much love, passion and Lightness in approach.

These sessions take about 1 hour and 15 minutes. We meet online via Zoom – or if possible, in person. Time and space do not matter to this type of work.

🌚  1 session ~ donation based starting at 55 euro
🌚🌚  2 sessions ~ donation based starting at 99 euro
🌚🌚🌚 3 sessions ~ donation based starting at 144 euro
* the prices above count for sessions booked within a timeframe of 2 months.

For interest, please fill in the form below the review and I will come back to you asap.


“It felt very safe to do the womb work with you, because you do it from a pure place. Thankyou for your assistence. It was a crucial session for me and your support was absolutely amazing. This session was the most intense healing session I’ve had ever. Energetically what has been done was a proper surgery.” ~ Lilly

“I feel really grounded right now. Really in my body. I could feel the work on my womb, the openings, releases and activations. The holding just needs permission and witnessing to loosen. It was as if I could the facia in my womb, the loosening of the bind and the cords. It was so incredible. The language that you were speaking, it was as if I was remembering. The frequencies were resonating in such a strong way. It was so beautiful. I dropped into such a deep space and all I could think of was “everybody needs to experience this session with you”. Like wow. It’s such powerful work. Thankyou for your guidance and your tools and your ability to channel source and our guides so openly and directly in a way that is so direct, in a way that just feels so good.” ~ Katie

“The womb meditation that you shared was so powerful for me and put me deeply in touch with my own power and creativity. Thankyou for your beautiful work”. ~ Agatha