Retreats & events

Sharing – coming together.- creating a beautiful space… That is what I am most passionate about. Are you organizing a retreat where you would like me to come share one of my workshops? A share about the Mayan calendar on how to line up with the natural time and integrate this into your daily life? An intimate yoni egg initiation workshop? A cacao ceremony with your friends and family? A combination of the above? Let’s talk – and we can arrange some magic to happen. The workshops and events are intentionally aligned with the days in the Mayan calendar – a deep ancestral wisdom that I always interweave in my sharings. Currently I am based in the Netherlands – yet, I am flexible to respond to arising opportunities. Let’s see how we can work together.

After a beauty-full summer of sharings and workshops in Europe it is time to create a space for my sharings to get to their full expression. In 2020 a very special and intimate retreat will happen and give you the opportunity to fully enJOY the beauty of nature, dive into the mysteries of the womb & dream a little deeper…

>>>Upcoming Retreat <<<
~ What? Dreaming from the Womb
~ When? 10th until 16th of May 2020 – designed around the Mayan calendar
~ Where? At the island of Gozo in a beautiful ancient farmhouse & retreat home. A peaceful mountain environment with the best ocean view.

Gozo is the island of the mysterious “sleeping lady” from mythology. The island is located in the center of the Mediterranean Sea and can be seen as the womb of the earth.. The oldest temples from Neolithic times are found here, all dedicated to the feminine energies and the Goddess. The sleeping lady refers to the back in the days – when pilgrimmers and Priestess initiates came to the islands and asked for communion trained through their dreams. A mysterious, soft and feminine island filled with magic, stillness and natural beauty that brings you to your still, inner deep waters. Here – we will be sharing …

~ Dream & womb consciousness
~ Yoni egg initiations
~ Morning practice
~ The natural cycles of creation & the Mayan calendar
~ A return to the wisdom of the womb
~ Creative dreaming & feminine cycles
~ Lots of time in communion with Nature
~ Honoring silence time
~ Ancient temple & sacred site visits
~ Waterjourneys
~ Personal SoulPath sessions
~ and whatever enfolds in the moment

This is an intimate retreat with space for only a handful of woman. More information on the retreat will follow soon. Want to be amongst the first ones to hear more? Send an email to and I would be happy to share ♥