Events & bookings

Sharing – connecting – coming together.. That is what I am most passionate about. Do you have a space, living room, tipi, festival or retreat where you would like me to come share one of my workshops? Let’s talk – and we can arrange some magic to happen. The workshops and events are intentionally aligned with the days in the Mayan calendar – a deep ancestral wisdom that I always interweave in my sharings.

Planned events:
♥ 5th of October // 13 Kawok – Natural High, Ruigoord – Obsidian yoni egg workshop
♥ 25th of October // 7 Kawok – Home of Gaia – Obsidian yoni egg & waking womb consciousness

It’s been a beauty-full summer of sharings and workshops in the Netherlands. From the obsidian yoni egg workshop at Lorelei festival to Dreambirthing at Gozo at a tiny island in the Mediterranean sea – an ancient Island filled with feminine mysteries, temples and Atlantean memories.

Stay tuned – as from 10 May till 16 May 2020 bigger plans are happening as we will be diving into the mysteries of the islands and our wombs ~ diving into dreamspace with a small group of fortunate women.