Upcoming events

Where can you find me? I made my way back from Guatemala, and am rooting down into the Netherlands for the summer months. Come find me at the coming events, where I will share my offerings, yoni eggs, mooncups, Guatemalan cacao & joy..

♥  1st of August @ Home of Gaia, Amsterdam
The Obsidian yoni egg – New moon circle 

♥ 7th of AugustDreambirthing event @ Home of Gaia, Amsterdam

♥ 15-18 of August @ Kiva Gathering, Roots of the Earth

♥ 20-22 of August @  Lorelei Festival
I am so excited to come share two “work”shops during the Lorelei – women’s festival from 20-22 of August. The theme of the festival is “the Black Madonna”.. so offcourse.. I will be offering workshops on “the obsidian yoni egg ~ a dive into our deep mysteries”. It will be a beautiful discovery into the powerful tool of the obsidian yoni eggs. Covering the practical aspects, while diving into the mysterious sides of the obsidian stone, the different archetypes to work with, a journey into the depth of our womb.

♥ 24th of August – Natural High @ Ruigoord – Amsterdam

16-22 September – The Bubble Festival @ MaltaObsidian yoni egg