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“Everything that comes from the womb of a woman is transformative.”
~ Ramiro, traditional Colombian midwife ~

>> New discounted rates!! Taking bookings until 05/04/2020 <<

A 6-day retreat held on the magical island Gozo – a small and tranquil sistar island of Malta, known as the Womb of the Earth and the island of the Sleeping Goddess. Priestesses used to come here for initiations and dream counselling. The soft, mystical and dreamy nature of Gozo invites you to just bé, sink deeper into your womb essence and retrieve your true dreams and heart desires. On this retreat you will be guided through the different phases of the “dreaming into creation” process, while working with our intuition, and our feminine center – the womb. The place from where New Life is created, nourished and held safely. The womb is a portal for creativity and holds the key to enter our inner dream states and to anchor them into reality.

This retreat is inspired by and woven around the traditional Mayan Cholq’ij calendar. On the very particular day 1 Imox – which is falling in the middle of the retreat – I personally received the energetic imprint of the retreat. Exactly 9 months ago. A full pregnancy and cycle in the creation process. A few days later I found myself at Gozo, where the vision of this retreat got clear. THIS is what Dreaming from the Womb is all about. Programming ourselves to receive the highest visions and preparing the wombspace to birth these dreams into physical form.

The Cholq’ij calendar helps us to tap into the natural rhytmn of time. When living with the Cholqíj calendar, one comes to understand the cyclical nature of all processes. When synching up with this natural rhytmn, we align ourselves with the energies of the day and start to actively engage with life, while bringing our dreams into reality. There will be daily sharings and practices on how to integrate this into your daily life, work and creative dream projects, to accelerate synchronicities and attract opportunities in your life. This way, we step into a natural process of birthing our dreams into reality.

Knowing your personal Mayan astrology opens a window to your Soul’s path, your natural gifts and qualities at birth. Knowing how to wórk with your energies and qualities helps to tap into natural alignment and activate synchronicities in your life. All participants will receive a personal Mayan astrology session in combination with an Akashic Records soul reading.

All of the above, coming together with shamanic womb- & dream work, clearing techniques, energy movement and alignment practices. Intended to offer an inspiring and nourishing environment to feed your soul. We will experience the power of ceremony and ritual, while coming together as dreamworkers. There will be enough space to be by yourself, explore the island and to soak in the beauty of the nature around. You will receive take-home practices & recordings after the retreat, with access to an online private community to continue the dreamwork for the next 9-month cycle in the Mayan calendar.

» Daily meditation, alignment & lightwork practices
» QiGong flows & Yin yoga
» Obsidian shamanic healing journey – the dark womb of creation
» Womb ceremony & yoni egg initiation
» “Back into the womb” group waterhealing session with
Rosanne from “Within Waters”
» DreamTemple sessions
» Dream symbolism, mythological archetypes & the creation cycles
» Individual Saq’Be Session: Mayan astrology & Akashic Records reading (before the retreat)
» Mayan Cholq’ij calendar & the natural cycles of creation in daily life
» Cacao sunset ceremony & dance celebration
» Evening ceremony & ritual
» Ġgantija Temple & Sacred site visits
» Beach exploration & silent nature walk
» Open space to explore, be alone & connect with nature
» Opportunities for extra sessions/readings in free time

» Take home guide with practices, recordings & sharings
» Access to the online DreamTemple after the retreat for a full 9 month cycle in the Mayan calendar, to continue to share & stay connected and synch up with the Cholq’ij calendar in your journey of “bringing your dreams into reality”. Regular online meetings, shared practices, recordings & guided meditations.

» All of the above
» 6 nights of accomodation at either “the Healing Tree” retreat house or the beautiful neighbouring house, just around the corner at a 1-minute walk
» 2 to 3 nourishing vegetarian (or vegan) meals a day, plus snacks, water, coffee & teas (special diets on request)
» Organized pick-up from the harbour at Gozo to the house and back
» Entrance ticket to the Ggantija Temple
» Individual Saq’Be Soul Session (Mayan astrology/Akashic Record readings)
» WombTemple waterhealing session
» Yoni egg plus guidance

» Airport transfer, flights & boat ticket
» Optional extra bus costs or extra snacks/meals purchased in the free time
» Additional excursions outside of the programme
» Extra individual sessions
~ deepening SoulSessions with Lieke
~ 1:1 Deep Dive into the Womb Sessions with Lieke
~ Akashic Records session with Andrea or Lieke
~ Extra Aguahara watersession in warm pool
(* to be booked before the retreat starts)

Depending on the choice of accomodation (see the options below)
~ Ranging from €888 to €999 incl. for 1 person
~ Ranging from €1333 to €1444 incl. for 2 friends (sharing double beds)
>> Taking bookings until 05/04/2020<<

* 30% non-refundable deposit at reservation – the rest to be paid before the 1st of May 2020
** NOTE: have you worked with me before? Message me directly for personal discounts! I would love to deepen the work with you.

*** Are you interested to join the retreat but you don’t need accomodation? Please reach out for different pricing options!

The retreat is held at the Healing Tree retreat house. A beautiful Gozitan farmhouse tucked away in the countryside, which has been renovated and kept in old-modern style, offering comfort, charm and relaxation. The moment I stepped into this house, I felt an embrace of being at home. The closest beach is at about a 10-minute walk. From here we will move into the daily programme and have our brunches/dinners in the living room. There are 2 luxious bedrooms available at the Healing Tree, overlooking the private pool and epic sea views of the Blue Lagoon, Comino and Malta. In the cave room you can book your extra individual sessions. Some of the group sessions will be held at the terras at the upper floor, accessed by the DreamCastle room. This huge terras offers the most beautiful views over the ocean and countryside.

» Pool Room – private doublebed room with bathroom, access to the pool & situated at the center of the house, offering luxury, privacy & comfort. Enjoy the luxory by yourself (€999) or share the room with a friend (€ 1444 – shared double-bed)

» Dream Castle Room – shared 2-singlebed room with bathroom, access to a huge terras & epic sea views of the Blue Lagoon, Comino and Malta. This room is very spacious and is not without reason called the DreamCastle Room.
Price: €888 euro

Apart from that, we have two beautiful bedrooms available during the retreat at the charismatic neighbouring farmhouse, offering warmth, cosyness and luxury at just a minutes’ walk around the corner from the Healing Tree. The house offers similar facilities, has a private pool, big living & kitchen area to prepare yourselves extra coffees/teas in your own time, and a shared balcony.

» Mermaid Sea View – private doublebed room with private bathroom
for 1 person (€933) or shared with a friend (€1383)
» Queen Sea View – private doublebed room with private bathroom
for 1 person (€955) or shared with a friend (€1395)

This is an intimate retreat offerring space for 7 women at most (incl. facilitators). It will be a beautiful dance and celebration, with lots of joy, creative expression, new dreams, transformation and.. magic! Fill in the form below for more information and bookings. I am looking forward to Dreamweave with you on the island of the Sleeping Goddess!

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!! Note: we take bookings until 05/04/2020 !!
Those who feel the call, will know it

With Love, by Lieke