Mother Daughter Session

The healing that we do on ourselves, ripples out in our direct lived experience, our environment, as well as in our family lineage, especially in relationship to our mother. We literally come from her womb. We are connected beyond time and space through the flesh and blood that we shared as we were embedded in her womb and nurtured through the placenta she grew. Whether we like or accept it or not, we simply are and we always will be connected to each other. A lot of the healingwork we do on ourselves, will benefit those around us as well. But what if mother and daughter can come together and do the work?

Not in a classical therapeutical session, but in a Real connecting way. From womb to womb, heart to heart and mother to daughter. I’ve been asked to hold this space a few times and it is my absolute favorite thing to do. It is just so special and so touching when mother and daughter come together to do the work. This is truly when intergenerational healing takes place.

In these sessions, I let myself be completely guided by what is asked in the moment. I connect with both mother and daughter in a neutral and open way, where you both have the opportunity to share from heart to heart in a non-judgmental space that I hold for both of you. The intention is to connect with each other in a new way and to see each other through different eyes, so that there will be more space to renew your relationship and invite more love for each other. I have seen it to be extremely helpful to have another person – in this case me – to be there and see through any relationship patterns that you may have been swimming in for.. maybe your whole life. With grace, compassion and love, I hope to bring a refreshing spark or maybe new insights to your relationship as you move forwards together.

How could a Mother Daughter session look like?
~ 1,5 hr online meeting via Zoom (you can either be together in one space or separate, it does not matter for the work)
~ Mayan Cholq’ij Relationship Cross Reading: gain insight into questions like these and your path together…
– What brought you together in the first place? Why did you choose each other as mother and daughter? What did you come here to learn with and from each other?
– What lessons and challenges did you choose to experience together?
– How to come into harmony and balance together in your relationship?
– What is your relationship as mother-daughter evolving into? What helps you to move forwards?

~ Intuitive counselling on a particular topic
~ Guided Womb Connective & Healing Mother-Daughter Journey to go back to the very origin of the issue – which often started in the wombspace and placental attachment connection. In this journey, we look into what happened for you both in the deeper soul layered experiences, which often gives a lot of clarity into patterns that are playing out during the rest of your life together.

For these sessions, I work on a donation-sliding scale principle, starting at a minimum of 60 euros per session, to be transferred directly after the session. If you wish to book several sessions in one go, the sliding scale looks like this:

1 session – 60 euro sliding scale
2 sessions – 110 euro sliding scale
3 sessions- 155 euro sliding scale

Please get in touch with me via the form below. I look forward to work together with you.

Bank details: (for non-European transfers)
L. Moras – NL07RABO 0363233016 (for European transfers)