Metamorphic massage

Metamorphic massage – going through metamorphosis, just like the butterfly – that is what this massage can bring forth. A transformative experience by gentle touch on the feet, hands & head, while going on a journey into deep relaxation.

The metamorphic massage is a massage technique that works by activation of the spinal reflexes points to help release memories that were shaped around our time in the womb. During gestation, the embryo’s spine is in constant connection with the wall of the mother’s womb, through which many signals are passed on into the cell’s memory of the baby. Signals that tell information about the environment we grew up in, the emotions lived by the mother and possible tensions passed through as we were developing in the womb. This information is stored in the spinal reflexes.

In the metamorphic massage we work on points on the feet, hands & head that correspond with the spinal reflexes. This subtle touch helps to loosen up the structures that keep these memories intact. These memories are laying the foundation for energetic pathways and patterns we maintain in our life. As we loosen these up by subtle touch and energy healing, we loosen up the base of how we go through life, how we respond to certain situations and which memories are alive on different levels. This massage helps to go back to this period in time and takes us back to the root of our selves and cell memories.

Every session is different and a unique experience – it is important to know that in fact yóu are guiding the session. Sometimes it is deeply relaxing, sometimes there are strong emotional releases happening. 

I offer the Metamorphic massage based on a sliding scale, starting at a minimum of 55 euros per session. Depending on what you can afford after you experienced what it did for you. At the moment, I am in Spain, so to offer this session in person might be more challenging. I would recommend to book a 1:1 Deep Dive Womb Session with me if you wish to dive into a similar experiences, wherein we work with healing on distance and the Akashic Records.

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