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The Saq’Be sessions can take different forms. To indicate that I made three options available. Fill in the form below for questions or help to find out what is most interesting for you. A one-sentence intention or explanation for why you reach out is enough. All session data & conversations are kept secret with full respect. The personal data is required for me to prepare the sessions and will not be shared with anyone.

Saq’Be session (1) – full Mayan astrology reading plus Akashic Records reading mainly focused on Soulpath & origin at Soul level plus any other insights that come through for you.

♥ ♥ Saq’Be session (2) – purely focussing on the Akashic Records reading and intuitive counselling/lightwork, allowing more space to dive in deeper and include energywork or guided meditation journeys, what the moment asks for.

♥ ♥ ♥ Follow-up SoulPath sessions – intuitive counselling, insights from the Akashic Records for extra guidance and practices to take home to continue to integrate the work. Including energywork on distance. We will always work with a specific intention to focus on a certain topic.

I offer the sessions based on a sliding scale, starting at a minimum rate of 55 euros per session of around 1,5 hours. The final amount is to be determined by you after the session, depending on what it the session has given you and what is financially comfortable. The money is to be transfered within 2 days after the session, preferably to my banking account which I will share afterwards. If that turns out not possible, we can use PayPal.