About Saq’Be

Saq’Be – for the Maya, Saq’Be represents to the Milky way. It refers to the path of the soul as written in the stars. One’s Soul’s journey.

In a Saq’Be session I am weaving Mayan astrology with an Akashic Records reading and intuitive counselling. This is intended to give insight into your soul’s path and your gifts & qualities at a deeper level. The one’s that you are naturally born with.
All meant to help you move closer to your essence and move forwards on your journey of life. A deep rememberance of who you are and an activation for your path ahead, in line with you and your gifts.

Why Mayan astrology? Knowing your Mayan astrology can be a beautiful rememberance of your essence and points out how you are growing through life, and how to move along. Helping the petals of your flower to enfold. To me, the Mayan calendar is like a universal map that helps to navigate through life and understand why certain things are happening in and around our lifes, seeing the bigger picture of it all.

A Saq’Be session can be of great support when we are going through changes in life – when we are feeling stuck in certain areas – need to make a decision or when we want to move into a new direction – when we need a bit of outside perspective – or when we simply are curious and need a little reminder of who we actually are; and move forward from that. What it for sure does, is helping you to take those next steps towards living your dreams. All in all, empowering and uplifting. Often, people will come out of it with refreshed perspectives and a motivation to move towards their goals or ready to make some changes in their lifes.

* I am offering the Saq’Be sessions based on a sliding scale, starting at a minimum of 40 euros per session – depending on what you can afford. If this is not available to you in this moment, I am happy to let it up to you. You are welcome to send an email to liekemoras@gmail.com for more information or to schedule a session.

The sessions are held via Skype

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