About Saq’Be

Saq’Be – for the Maya, Saq’Be represents to the Milky way. It refers to the path of the soul as written in the stars. Representing one’s Soul journey.

Saq’Be sessions can be combinations of Mayan astrology – working with the sacred Cholq’ij calendar, coming together with Akashic Record readings, Soul level healing and intuitive counselling. If you have a specific focus or interest, we will work according to that.

This is intended to give insight into your Soul’s path, origin at Soul level and your gifts & qualities at birth. When there are blockages present at the emotional, energetic or Soul level, we can work with that in the session to bring release and clearing. The Saq’Be sessions are meant as an assistance to move closer to your essence and move upwards on your journey of life. A deep rememberance of who you are at soul level and an activation for your path ahead, in line with you and your gifts.

Why Mayan astrology? The Mayan Cholq’ij calendar brings insight into our Soul path, along with the various challenges, qualities and gifts we are carying at soul level. A Mayan astrology reading helps you to see what waves you are riding within the bigger ocean of life, bringing you closer to your true essence. It allows you to see yóur contribution and gifts to the world by simply being you.

What are the Akashic Records? It is a very chique word for something that can be explained pretty simple. It is the “book” of your souls memories, going beyond time and space. The Akashic Records hold the wisdom of who you are at Soul origin, in purest form. Hereby, once you have asked me to, I tune in with you on a soul level, and “read” the messages and the information that your soul is wanting to communicate to you. This often brings very revealing insights and connects you with your Soul’s origin. If chosen for a Soul level healing session, we can also brings insight into any blockages or patterns that either come from past life experiences or from childhood for example. We are working to release blockages and bring healing at the energetic, emotional and soul level memories. To again – come closer to your True Essence.

Saq’Be sessions are empowering, eye-opening and uplifting sessions with healing elements to them. They have served of great support to many as a reminder of their true essence, to come back to when going through challenges, changes or growth. What it for sure does, is helping you align with your soul aspect, connect with your gifts and move onwards on your journey.

The Saq’Be sessions can take different forms. To indicate that I made three options available. Fill in the form below for questions or help to find out what is most interesting for you. A one-sentence intention or explanation for why you reach out is enough. All session data & conversations are kept secret with full respect. The personal data is required for me to prepare the sessions and will not be shared with anyone else.

~ Saq’Be session (1) – Mayan Cholq’ij calendar reading plus Akashic Records reading mainly focused on Soulpath & origin at Soul level plus any other insights that come through for you.

~ Saq’Be session (2) – Akashic Records reading and intuitive counselling/lightwork, allowing more space to dive in deeper and include energywork, guided healing journeys & space to go more indepth into specific topics to release blockages and activate soul remembrance. These sessions come with very practical excercises and personalized meditations to practice that help with integration after the session.

~ Follow-up SoulPath sessions – intuitive counselling, insights and channellings from your guides and the Akashic Records for extra guidance and take-home practices or meditations to continue to integrate the work. We will work with a specific intention to focus on a certain topic.

The sessions are offered on a sliding scale, starting at a minimum of 45 euros per session of max 1,5 hours. Based on financial capacity and generosity, to be transferred on the same day after the session. This includes preparation time for me as well.

Banking details:
Account holder: L. Moras
IBAN number: NL07 RABO 0363233016
BIC code: RABONL2U // RABONL2UXXX (in case 11 codes needed )