~ 6-week online Womb Essence Journey ~
After the journey, I have had a lot of feelings with regards to my mom. They were so deep inside and I never talked about any of it with her. Then I had the first conversation ever with my mom where we talked about a lot of things. I have not wanted to have that conversation, but it just happened and she was the one who started it. She also asked me if I wanted to go to therapy with her. It was such a huge thing for me, for the relationship with my mom. I never wanted my mom since I was a child, I always wanted my dad. I see her in a different light now. It has been on my mind that I want to sort this out with my mom before I get pregnant. When I think about me having a baby it is a loss to have that clash with my mom. I would like to strenghten our bond and clear the air. I am so thankful for this and for doing this work. It is just initiating, but you’re growing a lot of seeds and I know they will eventually really bloom. It’s a long life work, but it’s so nice to have been introduced to it in this way. Because I have been to therapy, theoretically and psychologically it helped me to understand a lot of things, but the spiritual level has been missing.
~ Emelie ~

~ 6-week online Womb Essence Journey ~
For me, the Womb Essence Journey with Lieke was the first real encounter with my own womb. It was the first time that I consciously felt her, visited her, and travelled within her. At times, it was scary and overwhelming, because of all that was there, asking to be felt. But Lieke made it safe and easy to surrender little by little to this process. I felt guided in every step of the way by her loving presence, her warm acceptance of all that surfaced, her own honest sharing. The combination of the knowledge and wisdom she shared, the guided journeys and the deep sharings with the circle of women was just perfect. For me, it was the beginning of a joyful, healing journey towards my own power and presence. Thank you for this offering of deep love and wisdom, Lieke 
~ Agatha ~

~ 1:1 Dreambirthing Soultraject & Mayan calendar Journey ~
“Wow, I feel so incredibly grateful and blessed, I have no words for it. Lieke has guided me with so much love, care, attention and clarity during my personal journey of 20 days through the Tzolkin calender. And wow, what a journey! It’s bizarre how much magic comes into your life as soon as you open up and welcome the energy of the cosmos into your life. It’s incredible how precise Lieke’s daily transmissions were, in tune with my experiences, feelings and needs of that same day. Thanks to her clear and loving insights, I feel so connected with the magic of life and with my own magic. It’s such an honour to be carried by Lieke in this process. She works from her heart and her soul, and you can feel it in everything. I am forever grateful! <3”
~ Thuong ~

~ Birth Doula work ~
“Feeling a lot of gratitude for having Lieke by our side during pregnancy, birth and early mothering-days. It is amazing how she made me feel cared for, seen and honoured while going through all these different phases. Lieke is doula in heart and soul, a very important and all-encompassing job on so many levels, which became very clear to me. During pregnancy I felt a lot of relaxation and trust in the process, and I felt celebrated. I felt ready to birth! While in labor, it felt as if Lieke was guarding the gates between the dimensions as we went on through the portal, only allowing through what was in service of the process of a beautiful labor. Being very intuitive, she knows where to be and what to do at the right time. I felt very safe and supported, my midwife wasn’t there until the very end, and I felt absolutely sure that we could have delivered the baby by ourselves if we had to. Lieke helped us to ceremonially burn the umbilical cord after birth, and helped out the first few days. I feel so lucky that we had her in the processes, she has a magical antenna that knows exactly what is needed in the moment. I underestimated how hard it would be to crawl back from the underworld after labor. Thankfully, Lieke kept on guarding the gates, and caring for my partner, the baby and me. She helped us on different levels, making me feel safe and loved in whatever I was going through at the moment. It was perfect. So grateful!
~ Aleida & the birth of a new family ~

~ Saq’Be Session ~
“Thank you so much for Thursday. It’s been very eye opening and synchronicities keep happening everywhere! Really felt the weight lifted from my grief. Feel in full flow atm and largely very positive. I have felt like quite a different man since our session for the better.”

~ Dreaming from the Womb journey ~
“It was a very beautiful journey for me. I felt such an enormously powerful essence with me, my feminine essence. Such a powerful force that I had never experience before. I have seen it in other women, but I never felt it myself. My feminine essence, so centred, roote, pure and powerful full of inner peace, love and wisdom. I always thought that I did not have such a connection with my womb space.. but wow. No way! For the véry first time in my life I felt só much power and light within my womb. I did not even know that was a part of me, so powerful and pure, as the essence of who I am.”

~ Saq’Be Session ~
“De invloed en accuraatheid van de sessie blijft maar door en doorschijnen… Verschillende dingen die helemaal in tune zijn met wat jij zei! Ben zo dankbaar voor de informatie en alles dat doorkwam!” // “The influences of your session and how accurate it was keep on shining through… Different things that are fully in tune with what you said! I am so grateful for the information and everything that came through!”
~ Inez ~

“My life has drastically shifted into something completely new, its so beautiful. Wowie. That session changed everrrything. So magical. Thank you!”
~ Rafaele ~

~ Rebozo Massage ~
“Jouw handen zijn heel bijzonder, Lieke. Een hele mooie combinatie van zachtheid en kracht. Dankjewel!”
~ Tineke ~

“So grateful to have attended the powerful cacao ceremony and dreambirthing workshop of Kawok. Lieke is such a beautiful pure soul, passionate to share the ancient universal wisdom with the world. During this workshop, we opened our hearts, connected to the energies guiding us, and travelled through the various layers of ourselves, into the magical realms of our soul, into the deepest connection with ourselves. Her soul reading based on the Mayan calender and Akashic records truly helped me to understand myself and my life’s purpose more. This was the most beautiful workshop I have ever attended. I feel deeply blessed!
~ Thuong ~

“It was a real pleasure to receive healing sessions with Lieke. I had a metamorphic massage and a Saq’Be session with her, both helping, releasing blockages and giving me guidance. Lieke is a gentle, angelic soul with a beautiful presence, with deep knowledge who put me at ease throughout my sessions with her.”
Martin ~ Saq’Be session & metamorphic massage

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