Mayan Calendar reading with Tata Thomas

I am deeply honored and grateful to serve as a bridge between the Mayan culture and the Western world. To make their services and ancestral wisdom available to you, where-ever you are in the world. Their medicine and wisdom is oh so needed and I believe that it is time to Honor the wisdomkeepers in their work and bring back the value to the Mayan elders who have taken stance for their ancestral practices.

Our Mayan Spiritual Guide

Tata Walter Thomas Mendoza is Ajq’ij (Mayan Spiritual guide) of Mayan Tz’utujil roots, born in San Juan la Laguna, Guatemala. He grew up in a family of spiritual guides and female healers, surrounded by rituals, being familiar with processes of integration, healing and human growth from early age. He accepted his calling to serve as Ajq’ij Mayan Spiritual guide with his mission to keep the ancestral practices alive. He is a great healer, shaman, acupuncturist, lover of medicinal plants and works with sacred fire ceremonies. In his own words:

“With all my heart and love I am in service to those who want to work together. ”

Mayan Calendar reading

A Mayan reading is based upon the traditional Mayan Cholq´ij calendar, which has been a gift to humanity – channeled by the Mayan people – to harmonize with natural time and the spiritual essence of life. To be in harmony with time, means to be in harmony with the essence of life itself. The cyclical calendar is not based upon positioning of the planets, but comes from observation of the energies of each day. In this reading, you will receive a decodification of your personal energies, that give a deep explanation of who you are at soul level, serving like a Re-membrance. You will gain more clarity on your lifespath at soul level, including the lessons, gifts we carry at birth and the challenges we are here to overcome. These sessions help to become more connected with your Essence and your so-called energetic blueprint. Once we know our core energies, we will deeper understand how to live in harmony with ourselves and our own true rhytmn. When we understand this from ourselves, it is like we are holding a Key to unlock our potential that we have as a human being, beyond the conditioning that we are grown up with.

Thomas uses a lot of symbolism in his readings that help us bring us in touch with the Feelings of the Nahuales, rather than explaining them from a very rational perspective. This is one of his gifts. To help us move from the mind to the heart – which is what the Mayan wisdom is all about.

Book your session

To book your session (or to gift one!) fill in the contactform below and I will come back to you asap. I will be available to translate the session for you from Spanish to English or Dutch. The sessions are online via Zoom and take about 50 minutes till an hour. You will receive a recording of the session and at the beginning a brief introduction to the basics of the Cholq´ij calendar, plus resources that help to continue to explore and learn about the original Mayan Cholq´ij calendar (which is not to be confused with the so-called popular ´Dreamspell Tzolkin calendar – which is NOT the same nor used by the Mayan people).

The exchange

One session is on a minimum donation of $60 or €55, to be transferred directly after the session. If you feel to give more to honor the work of this wisdomkeeper, that is very welcome. I am a deep believer that it is time to give back to the Mayan people and value their work in this way.

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`I would like to thank you again, it was very special. I noticed that it stayed with me a lot, as if the session was hanging around me like a veil of magic, although I cannot fully put into words what I had heard. It moved me.´

Tata Thomas during a Sacred fire ceremony at Lake Atitlan, Guatemala