Doula services

As a doula, I am serving as a bridge between worlds and birthing traditions. I am in service to the woman and her family on their journey of pregnancy, birth, postpartum and anything related and relevant to walking through these transformative times with grace and connection.

I am grateful for my first teachers in the field of birth – traditional Mayan midwifes from Mexico and Guatemala. Getting to know their stories and ways of doing, I discovered my own calling. I got introduced to a midwifery that is instinctual, rooted in ancient traditions and connected to the natural birthing process of a woman. From here, I continued with holistic (pre- & postpartum) doula & midwifery trainings, covering a wide range of looking at birth – from the scientifical and biological to the more mystical and instinctual aspects of birth and the bodily processes. In Spanish, giving birth is “dar a luz” – which is translated as “to give light”. Indeed – giving birth is bringing light into the world. With that, not only a baby is born, but a new family is born. All in all, a period of great change and transformation.

As a doula, I am guided by my instincts in response to what is asked for in the moment. To me, birth is one of the most natural aspects of life and I truly believe that each woman knows how to move through that. Riding her own waves, and especially giving her the space to experience it fully. Knowing that she is not alone in this journey. I am honored to witness this journey and be there with you. To give you some ideas of what I offer throughout the different stages of birth, apart from my presence and guidance:

~ Yoni eggs & guidance – to prepare the womb for pregnancy, increase sensitivity, pleasure, fertility and get in a deeper connection with the energies and sensation from the womb and yoni.
~ Mayan abdominal womb massage – as practiced amongst Maya midwifes, to help release tensions and emotions held in the abdomen and womb. A massage that is focused on bringing the energies back to your center.

~ Metamorphic massage – for the mother to relax, release and sink deeper into herself before going into birth. See the full explanation here:
~ Rebozo ceremony. Seen in many ancient birthing traditions as a way to open the hips, relax, and make space in the body and the womb so the baby may be able to move into ideal positions. The rebozo is a long scarf – which is said to be an extension of the heart and the arms in Mexican tradition. You can also buy the rebozo afterwards to wrap your baby in.
~ Mother- & baby blessing ceremony
~ Help with creating and envisioning your ‘Dreambirthing‘ plan
~ Preparing you and your partner for the changes and transformations during pregnancy and birth, touching upon the fysiological, emotional, mental & spiritual aspects

Birth accompanion:

~ Someone who is there for you (and your partner) when you are embarking on your journey of labor. With full presence and sharpened instinct. Either present from nearby or more distant. What the moment – and you and your partner – ask for. For you to experience the birth as you wish.
~ Setting up the birthing space, preparing what you need to feel comfortable and where the baby would love to arrive Home to
~ Accompanion at home and hospitals/birthing centers, safeguarding the beyond-medical experience of birth and harmonizing transitions
~ Being “on call” 24/7 starting at week 37 through whatsapp, email or phone calls

After birth:
~ Mayan abdominal womb massage – as learned from traditional Maya midwifes in Guatemala & Mexico. To reposition the womb, release any tension and other (emotional) residues from birth. Helpful to ‘re-organize’ the positioning of the organs in your body and for you to connect back to your center.
~ Closing the bones ceremony – as seen in many ancient traditions. During labor, the body fully opens to birth New Life. In this ceremony, we honor this process and work with the rebozo to close the physical, emotional and spiritual body after birthing.
~ Metamorphic massage – for the mother to integrate, relax and release after labor. See here:
~ A record of your birthing story – either written or recorded for you as we share after your birth with a nourishing cup of cacao. A true treasure to come back to or gift your child at a later moment in life.
~ Homeopathic advice & herbal teas for physical and emotional wellbeing after birth
~ Yoni steam herbs
~ Pregnancy integration sessions – including all or some of the above; to fully honor and close the cycle of your pregnancy

Fill in the form below to get in touch with me for a more personal conversation and connection. The most important thing on this intimate journey of pregnancy is to have a “click” with the people who will surround you. I would be honored to get in touch with you and share a part of your journey into motherhood and family forming. We can personalize the services to your wishes to come to something that works best for you. For a birth and transition filled with beauty through the different tides and waves that you may encounter, wherein you may experience your full strength and instincts as a life-giving woman.

At the moment I am based in the Netherlands, near Alkmaar. As a traveller at heart, I am open to move around and assist you in your journey in different parts of the world. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me.