Doula services

Send me a message to get in touch for a more detailed conversation and personalized connection to see how we match. I would be honored to get in touch with you and share a part of your journey into motherhood. We can personalize the services to your wishes, in a low-key way. May your journey into Motherhood and birth be beyond dreams, filled with beauty and love through all the different tides and waves that you may encounter.

My services are based on a unique blend of traditional Maya midwifery, quantum birthing and Holistic Doula & Midwifery trainings, interwoven with my unique touch and insights. But above all – tailored on Yoúr wishes in the moment. Sometimes that might just be a deeply nourishing conversation. To give you some ideas of what I offer:

~ Yoni eggs & guidance – to prepare the womb for pregnancy, increase fertility and clear the womb as a preparation for pregnancy.
~ Mayan abdominal womb massage – see explanation above

~ Metamorphic massage – for the mother to relax, release and receive some magic before going into birth. See the full explanation here:
~ Rebozo ceremony. Seen in many ancient birthing traditions as a way to open the hips, relax, and make space in the body and the womb so the baby may be able to move into ideal positions. The rebozo is a long scarf – which is said to be an extension of the heart and the arms in Mexican tradition. You can also buy the rebozo afterwards to wrap your baby in.
~ Help with creating and envisioning your ‘Dreambirthing’ plan
~ Preparing you and your partner for the changes and transformations during pregnancy and birth, touching upon the fysiological, emotional, mental, mystical & spiritual aspects

Birth accompanion:
~ A sistar who is there for you when you are embarking on your journey of labor. My full presence is what I offer here. Observant, either being the perfect wall-flower, or gifting you with my nearby presence – what yóu wish and need in the moment. I attune to that and feel into the situation so you may experience the birth as you wish.
~ Setting up the birthing space, making the ambience be a place where your baby would love to arrive Home to
~ Homeopathic remedies to assist during the different phases of birth
~ Accompanion at home and hospitals/birthing centers to have something more than a medical experience of birth

After birth:
~ Mayan abdominal womb massage – as learned from traditional Maya midwifes in Guatemala & Mexico. To reposition the womb, release any tension and other (emotional) residues from birth. Helpful to ‘re-organize’ the positioning of the organs in your body and for you to connect back to your center.
~ Closing the bones ceremony – as seen in many ancient traditions. During labor, the body fully opens to birth New Life. In this ceremony, we honor this process and work with the rebozo to close the physical, emotional and spiritual body after birthing.
~ Metamorphic massage – for the mother to integrate, relax and release after labor. See here:
~ A record of your birthing story – either written or recorded for you as we share after your birth with a nourishing cup of cacao. A true treasure to come back to or gift your child at a later moment in life.
~ Homeopathic & herbal medicine to support your recovery and emotional health after birth
~ Pregnancy integration sessions – including all or some of the above; to fully honor and close the cycle of your pregnancy. Not only a new baby has been born, but also a new Mother and family has been born.

Want to hear more? Grab a cup of tea or hot cacao? Ask me a thousand questions? Want me to be your doula? Send an email to or message/call me at 0687874478 to talk through any of the above. I would love to hear from you. I am Dutch and am currently (okt 2019) based in Tuitjenhorn, a small town near Alkmaar. I write in English, just in case some nonDutchies want to reach out to me. En ja – ik spreek ook Nederlands 🙂