Doula services

Send me a message to get in touch for a more detailed conversation and personalized connection to see how we match. I would be honored to get in touch with you and share a part of your journey into motherhood. We can personalize the services to your wishes, in a low-key way. You deserve all the personal care and attention before, during and after your pregnancy.

The services include some of the teachings obtained during my Holistic Doula & Midwifery trainings, interwoven with my unique touch, insights & support. To give you some ideas:

~ womb care practices
~ creating your ‘Dreambirthing plan’
~ basic herbalism & homeopathy advise during pregnancy and after birth
~ preparing you and your partner for the changes and transformations during pregnancy and birth, touching upon the fysiological, emotional, mental, mystical & spiritual aspects
~ metamorphic massage; for the pregnant mother as well as for the baby/child to release memories formed around the time of pregnancy
~ Saq’Be channelling session – for the mother to gain deep insights and support during pregnancy on particular topics that she wants to address
~ Yoni eggs & guidance – to prepare the womb for pregnancy, increase fertility, clear the womb & tone the pelvic floor muscles after birth
~ Mayan abdominal massage – to help clear, rebalance and reposition the womb after birth